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I recently published a big update to my music lab task cards which will allow teachers to now use them digitally! I’m SO excited about this. I uploaded all of them to my Tonara account and wanted to show how easy it is to organize inside the Tonara platform.


If you have not heard of the music lab task cards yet, then you are in for a real treat. These task cards have made life so much easier in planning and organizing music lab assingments! Now that they have a digital option, I found that I can even use them for a supplemental activity to students lessons when they are at home! BONUS WIN right there!

Simply put, music lab task cards keep students focused, engaged and on task during their music lab time. Whether you want students working on the iPad/Tablet, Computer, playing a game, watching a video, an activity on a website, writing, creating something fun on the keyboard, these task cards make prep time a snap! Just give your student a task card (or several) and off they go!

Task cards come in 8 different subjects:

Still have questions on the task cards? I would encourage you to read this Q&A blog post here.


Now on Tonara… Tonara has been an absolute lifesaver this past year. The only regret I have is that I hummed and hawed about it for so long before I decided to give it a try. (It takes a lot for me to switch from something that I’m comfortable with) In a nutshell, Tonara is the all inclusive platform when it comes to your students practicing. It is a direct communication with them where you can send lesson assignments, videos, PDF’s, JPG’s, Audio files, and even send them a direct message. You can set up chat groups among students, which builds community and friendships. And of course, there is the incentive portion of the platform, where students can earn points and place on the leaderboard. But honestly, that is not even what I like most about it, it’s everything else. The stuff that has made my teaching life so much easier!

Want to try it a month of Tonara for free? Use the code: MER20 which will also give you 20% off for a year should you decide to sign up later. (affiliate)

Now that you are all caught up, you will want to watch this video on how I organized and am using music lab task cards in Tonara. I think you will love it too!

Of course, if you don’t use Tonara, you can still do something similar on another online platform. If you use something like Google Drive to share with your students, do NOT set the share to public. (This is against the TOU)  Please set it to “share only with those who have a link”. 

I hope you found that helpful! Having everything organized in a way that makes my teaching life easier makes me so happy! 


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