Transitioning Back to In Person Lessons (Music Teacher Tip #32)

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Fall semester kicked off this past month. We started online for 2 weeks to prepare for transitioning back to in person lessons for those who chose to. About 75% of my families chose to transition, the rest are staying online. Because I have limited room in my teaching area, we are continuing all group style lessons/classes online at least for now. (This includes camps and workshops) And because I will still be teaching 25% of my students online, it was important to have an easy “hybrid” set up where I can switch between an in person lesson to an online lesson at the drop of a hat, so to speak. (It just takes me a minute!) In today’s music teacher tip I share steps and precautions taken, things I purchased and guidelines that I set. 


Below are the items I mention in this video to help with transitioning back to in person lessons… (affiliate links may be included) Feel free to ask me any questions you might have in the comments. 

Not mentioned in the video but also recommend…

  • Tonara– I have always written down my assignments, but this year I knew that I really couldn’t continue doing that. I use Tonara to type my lesson assignments in as well as send videos, PDF’s, audio files, digital sitckers, etc… for students. They are now in the habit of going to Tonara to check what they need to do that week. It has truly become a time and life saver.  (Want to try it a month of Tonara for free? Use the affiliate code: MER20 which will also give you 20% off for a year should you decide to sign up later.) 
  • My Music Staff– I forgot to mention this as well in the video. My Music Staff is what I use to communicate with my parents. I always reconcile the lesson each week so they know how it went, etc… This is where they view the calendar, invoices, etc… I truly couldn’t run my business without it. Get a free month here with my affiliate link if interested. 


COVID-19 Guidelines Sample This is the guidelines I used for anyone who chose to transition to in person lessons. You are welcome to use whatever you would like in your guidelines. I hope it helps!


  1. Claire Westlake

    Great article! Thank you!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Thanks, Claire! I hope it is helpful!

    • Michelle J.

      Hi Jennifer,
      Watched your YouTube video. Like your suggestions. I was wondering how it is going so far? I am still online only. I have had a few students that have asked about going back to in-person lessons. I don’t have the ability to keep social distance in the studio I am teaching out of. So it’s a little harder to figure out right now. Just wanted to see how parents and students are taking to your guidelines and procedures. Thanks for your time.
      Michelle J.

      • Jennifer Foxx

        Hi Michelle,

        Things are going very well! So far everyone has been respectful of the guidelines and staying home if they aren’t feeling well. I’m very pleased and feel like I have my groove down as far as the general routine.

  2. Janelle Bracken

    Thank you so very much, Jennifer! This was incredibly helpful, and your blog post has perfect timing for me, as I’m hoping to transition back to F2F teaching from online for most students in a couple of weeks. I’ve been thinking about everything (it’s a LOT) throughout the summer, and your video and explanations helped me clarify some of my thoughts on certain points. Thanks! I really appreciate all the time you spent detailing your processes, and also sharing your printed sheet for your families. Take care, and have a fantastic school year! 🙂

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Thanks, Janelle! I’m so glad you found it helpful! Best of luck in your transition!

  3. Saundra

    Very helpful Jennifer. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Emily Ferrell

    Thank you so much for this. I have been teaching via online since March 13th, and continued to do so for a limited amount of students during the summer. I have been thinking about offering both face to face and online once my fall schedule starts, but was very curious what other teachers were doing, especially the guidelines and what parents needed to sign, etc.
    On a side note, I sometimes work for a fire and water restoration company, and when this pandemic hit, they had a full crew, including my hubby and I, fogging different businesses. Benefect is the exact product we use to kill COVID-19. I do love the smell and appreciate that it is not harmful. The salesman that brought the product to my boss actually drank a little of it just to prove how safe it is. 😂 We are now headed to clean schools next week because of the all the wildfires we’ve had the last three weeks. Sometimes it seems to never end.
    Thanks again for taking the time to share all your ideas with us.

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Hi Emily! That is great to know about Benefect, just confirms my confidence with using it! That’s awesome! 🙂 Hope those wildfires get under control soon. My thoughts are always with those that are affected by them.

      • Emily Ferrell

        One last question…did you make your parents sign anything after reading your COVID-19 pandemic guidelines?

  5. Emily Ferrell

    Thank you. I am typing up guidelines for when I start up again. I appreciate you adding yours to the blog post for us to read.

  6. Laurie Smith

    Thanks for your helpful tips, Jennifer. I plan on transitioning to in person lessons in a few weeks. A couple questions: how did your shoe booties do over the last year? Which shoe booties would you recommend?

  7. Laurie



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