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Over a year ago I came across Piano Patterns at our local music teachers conference and have been wanting to share more about them since. Piano Patterns, created by Clara McDonald with Infusing Music, sets students up for success in learning scales and chords traveling around the Circle of 5ths. We know that having a good visual can help students learn faster. Inside Piano Patterns you will quickly notice the shapes, helping students remember their scale patterns. Tonic is always the star and dominant is always the diamond. 


Piano Patterns books 1A and 1B begin with 5 finger patterns and chords. Written for beginners 5 years and up, after completing every major pattern, students will then move to 1 octave scales. Because of the shapes, I would highly recommend having students color the stars one color (ie: red), the diamond another (ie: blue) and the squares another (ie: yellow). Keeping the colors chosen consistent for each new scale shape. When you combine the visual with a repeated kinsthetic experience through playing along with coloring, students will really start seeing the big picture. Each book includes a certificate of completion and a circle of 5ths chart on the back.






Piano Patterns sets students up for success in learning scales and chords traveling around the Circle of 5ths.

Piano Patterns books 2A and 2B are written for 7 years and up and appropriate for any level. Just between you and me, 2A and 2B are my favorite level. Matter of fact, unless you have a young student under 7, you would be perfectly okay starting with these. These particular books have a unique feature you will notice right away… an inside flap that is attached to the front cover. This will help guide students to remember the scale patterns as they fill it in their book. (*please note- the digital version cannot provide the flap)

In this level, you will find quick and easy to understand lessons, weekly worksheets for practice, examples, a certificate of completion, and a circle of 5ths chart on the back. In addition there is even an answer key for students to self-check themselves afterwards. In Book 2A students discover the whole and half step patterns needed to make major scales as well as the I and V chords. And let’s not forget about the chord inversions and arpeggios. 


Purple flap serves as a bookmark and a guide!

Book 2B introduces natural minor scales, i and V chords as well as chord inversions and arpeggios. Clara mentions that this is a great jumping off point for discussing harmonic and melodic minor scales as well as modes. As with the level 1 books, I would encourage having students add in some color in addition to the writing. 

If you are looking for a simple resource for students to understand and practice their scale and chord patterns, I encourage you to take a look at Piano Patterns. Piano Patterns is available as a beautiful coil bound hardcopy or a digital download (single and studio licenses). You can find out more about Piano Patterns at Infusing Music. 




Clara is offering a 50% discount off of any of the download purchases through July 31st using the coupon code, “July50“.  PLUS if you are one of the first 5 people that place any order, she will send you a printed copy of Piano Patterns Books 1A and 2A. She will email you to find out which you prefer and then ship it to you, completely free. An amazing deal all around! Thank you Clara! You can take advantage of the discount here.

UPDATE! Congratulations to the 5 winners! 



  1. Clara

    Great resources for learning scale patterns! Thanks!

  2. Janet

    Bought and looking forward to using it.


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