Behind the Scenes of Organizing My Online Studio Summer Program

Camps and Workshops, Group Lessons, Practice

In a normal summer my students would choose between attending an in person camp workshop or a practice packet which included recorded video lessons or for an extra fee they could do both. But as you know, with COVID-19, this isn’t a normal summer…

I knew many of my families and I needed a Zoom break, so I decided to provide my practice workshop in a recorded format that they would be able to access on their own time over the summer break. The added benefit to this is they would be able to revisit and review as often as they would like. In addition, as thank for being the rock star families that they have been, I decided to also include a set of summer video lessons at no extra charge.

I had some teachers ask if I could share exactly how I went about organizing my online summer program. I am happy to oblige and put together this video walking you through a behind the scenes of how I organized everything. Divided into two parts (one video), I will share how I organized my summer video lessons and my summer practice workshop.

Resources mentioned in the video:

  • Tonara online practice platform (I am a supportive affiliate of Tonara. Use promo code: MER20 for 20% off your first year)
  • Supersonics Plus– sheet music membership by Daniel McFarlane
  • Practice Workshop – practice workshop resource with lesson plans and materials already done for you. (Can be used as a recorded workshop, an online workshop, a hybrid of recorded and online as well as in person)



  1. Erica Feidner

    Just clicked on your website and wanted to thank you for sharing such valuable information – and with cheer!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Oh, thank you Erica! You are most welcome! 😊

  2. Lynn Leach

    I just downloaded today’s music sticker freebie, and saw you had the bookmarks available, as well. Thank you so much for your generosity in providing these fun tools!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      You are welcome, Lynn! I’m glad you like them. Thanks for being a subscriber. Appreciate you! 😊

  3. Susan Todd

    Dear Jennifer, What a great video to watch on a summer Monday! Very informative, motivating and encouraging. I appreciate all you do for the piano teaching community!
    Stay well!

  4. Kerri Green

    Jennifer, I am one of those that asked for an example of how you used Tonara with video lessons. This video is so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Thanks, Kerri! I am so happy that it was helpful! 🙂


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