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With so many teachers transitioning their students to online or video lessons right now, I wanted to share some of my free music activity resources that work perfectly for students to use at home. These are all resources that can easily be done independently. If you are a teacher that normally has lab time with your students, these would be great to give as an at home “lab” assignment. 

Music Lab Task Cards Sample- I wanted to share this because 6 out of the 8 task cards shouldn’t be a problem for students to do at home. In the case of online lessons, simply screenshot the task card you want themto do at home. 

Rhythm Poke Cards- Students will enjoy putting these together and then using them to review their rhythm names and values. Normally this license is for one teacher to use while students are with them. But I’m opening it up to a studio license, so you can share it with students to create and use at home.

Composer Who Am I Coloring pages. A fun way to review a composer. You can send them a YouTube link about the composer to watch or listen to their music and then color a page. 

SQUILT- Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time. These pages are perfect for any listening activity you have. You can even combine it with one of the coloring pages above!

Penguin Listening Glyph- I like to use this particular listening glyph while students listen to the Mary Poppins penguin dance! But you can use it with whatever your heart desires! 

SMART Goals Worksheet- This can come in handy with anything you want your students to work on!

Animusic Worksheets– I don’t know about you, but I love watching the Animusic videos. I just made this available to use right away. You can find most of them on YouTube, which makes these worksheets an easy independent activity for your student.

Practice Praises– I threw this in because they can easily be used for online students by simply taking a screen shot of the practice praise you want to send a student. Once you have it, then send it to their PracticeSpace account, text or email it! (Please do not use open share platforms or settings)

*Save 50% your first two months of PracticeSpace after the free trial when you use the code: foxx50. Check out PracticeSpace here. (affiliate link)

Rhythm Clap backs- I almost didn’t include this one in here because I wouldn’t necessarily call it an independent activity. However, I realized that it does include a worksheet page. So use the clap backs during your online lessons and then send them the worksheet part at home.

I hope these resources help create some fun musical activities your students can do at home. Remember these resources can be used when students return to the studios and classrooms too! 


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