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When I first started using Tonara, one of the big things that I was anxiously waiting for was the ability to upload my video lessons inside the platform. I wanted Tonara to become my one-stop teacher/student communication platform in everything I did when I came to running my lessons. Video was one of those last elements that was missing at the time.

Let me back up for a minute just in case you are not familiar with Tonara. Tonara is a music practice platform for students that includes business management tools for teachers. In a nut shell, it’s completes the parent/teacher/student triangle. 

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long before my teacher wish came through and video was an added feature to the platform. Currently in Tonara, students and teachers can share audio files, video files, PDF’s, hyperlinks, chat messages with eachother and in groups. Students can earn points for practicing, teachers can add and re-use assingments for different students and more! It was recently announced in the Tonara Focus Facebook group that the ability to add online lessons is just around the corner. Plus on top of all that, they recently released the new Tonara Connect platform that is free, by the way (more info at the bottom of this post. Wow! Tonara is making it really easy for the teacher on so many different levels.

About a month or so ago I had a couple conversations with Lou Ann Pope, who is a super helpful Tonara team member. I wanted to share the benefits of video lessons and how I go about sending video lessons to my students inside Tonara. I want to share those videos with you today. 


Below you will find two videos. If you only have time to watch one right now, make sure you watch the 2nd one where I give you a behind the scenes look of Tonara and some video lesson samples. 



I hope these videos prove helpful for you. Remember video lessons are extremely useful in times of sickness, quarantine, because of internet problems, or really anytime either of you can’t connect live for whatever reason. As I mentioned in the first video, they are VALUABLE. If parents are having a hard time understanding that, you need to remind them of those student benefits I shared in the first video.

Isn’t Tonara amazing? I have really loved using this platform with my students. Tonara is still a pretty new platform, so it does occasionally have some bugs that need to be smashed but they have been amazing at listening to what teachers want and need. They are constantly adding and adapting to our wishes, which if you are familiar with technology at all, can occasionally wreak a little bit of behind the scenes havoc. Be patient on those occasions. I can honestly say that it has been totally worth it for me and I know it will keep getting better and better. 

Want to try it a month of Tonara for free? 

Just sign up here. Use the code: MER20 which will also give you 20% off for a year should you decide to sign up later.

How about registering for Tonara Connect? Tonara Connect is a free platform that will connect you with students. Whether you want to teach them online, in person OR be more of a practice coach for someone, this platform will allow students to find you. One of the biggest struggles most teachers have when wanting to start teaching online in particular, is finding students. This new platform will help do just that! It’s free and super easy to register and create a profile

I am a supportive affiliate of Tonara. If you want to give it a try, make sure you use the codeMER20 for 20% off your first year.



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