Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online

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Technology allows us to problem solve in ways that might have been a little more challenging before. Sometimes we hesitate to take that first step because of all the things that might go wrong. But when we keep things simple and make technology work for us, instead of the other way around, technology can create HUGE benefits, providing win-wins when running our music studio.

In this mini-course, I will be focusing on keeping things simple so it doesn’t have to be scary. You will learn the basics of teaching online AND video lessons with some resources to explore as you get more comfortable. While similar, there are different things to keep in mind with online lessons versus video lessons. I will walk you through both and help you build up your confidence when it’s time to go live or press that record button.

I have had the pleasure to share with teachers at conferences what I have learned over the years teaching online and video lessons and am excited to bring these things to you in this mini-course. Because I am able to bring this to you online at the comfort of your home, I am not limited on time like I am when I present live. Inside this mini-course, there is a little “easter egg” that I have called a “Golden Ticket Tip“. Be sure not to skip anything so you don’t miss out on that tip! (Hint: If you have an iPhone or iPad, don’t buy that webcam quite yet…)

Join me in kicking that fear out the window and gain confidence with teaching online! Just click on the picture below to get started!

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