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There are two webinars in July that you will want to check out. Practicing is a subject we can never learn enough about so I wanted to let you know about them.

The first one is just around the corner on Monday, July 9th. Chris Owenby with PracticeHabits asked me to join him online and present to you about Motivational Practice Tips and Resources. It is free to register so I’d love to see you there! If you can’t make it live, a replay link will be available for a few days.

Register by clicking on the picture below.




Elizabeth Gutierrez from Piano Teacher Academy has a new online webinar, Power UP Practice, coming at the end of the month that you will want to register for. She has invited 6 amazing teachers who I’m sure you will recognize to speak.

Here is the lineup of presentations that will be included…

“Supporting Well-Rounded Musicianship through Balanced Practice Sessions”

Janet Lopinski, presenter

How do we help our students make the most of the time spent at the piano between lessons, while also ensuring that all the senses are fully engaged when practicing to maximize progress and musical development? This seminar will present strategies for guiding students to develop a practice routine that supports the development of well-rounded musicianship while integrating musicianship, theory, and sight-reading into every session.

“Practice Strategies with Catherine Rollin”

Catherine Rollin, presenter

Catherine will present successful practice strategies she turns to time and time again with her own piano students. She’ll discuss approaches she uses with her own publications, including a few from the NFMC Jr. Festival list and several “warhorse” pieces she teaches often.

“The Over-scheduled Child: Incentivizing Practice in the 21st Century”

Samantha Coates, presenter

Extra-curricular life in the 21st century has gone mad. For many children who take up the piano, it is just another activity that is barely fitting into the tiniest corner of their lives. This session is directly aimed at students and their parents, to help them work together to achieve the most progress within an over-scheduled timetable. Ms. Coates will discuss various reward systems and practice incentives and how they impact on the psychology of both student and parent. Managing parental expectations will also be addressed, with a special focus on establishing effective practice routines even in the busiest household.

“Practicing with Purpose: A Teacher’s Guide to Motivating Student Practice”

David Kish, presenter

Teaching students to practice is one of the most important (and overlooked) aspects of music instruction. Armed with effective techniques of individual practice, students become more efficient in the practice room and feel a sense of accomplishment which leads to consistent practice habits. A discussion of research-based and field-tested practice techniques will be followed by additional suggestions for integrating these practice techniques in the classroom or private studio.

“Effective Communication of Practice Expectations: Send Them Home with the Tools for Success”

L. Scott Donald, presenter

How do we effectively communicate to our students the goals and practice strategies that need to be done during their at-home practice? Based on a survey distributed to independent piano teachers, this session will discuss trends in mode and format of information that is sent home with students to guide their practice. There will be time for the attendees to participate in dialogue regarding their own mode of communication of assignments and practice expectations. Benefits and limitations of various modes of communication will also be discussed.

“First Step on the Road to Effective Practice”

Nancy O’Neill Breth, presenter

Most students have no idea how much they can learn about a new piece simply by searching through the score for familiar patterns: scales, chords, arpeggios, rhythms, sequences, repeats. Pre-practice score analysis, or mapping, shines a light on such patterns, empowering students to rise above note-by-note practicing to a new level of understanding and enjoyment. This interactive seminar shows teachers how to guide students of all levels through the nuts and bolts of mapping a score. Participants will do mapping during the presentation using examples from different musical eras.

I’m excited to be one of the sponsors and affiliates for this webinar which means when you register for this course, it not only includes all the fantastic presentations and handouts but will also include giveaways and discounts. Win-win!

Check out all the details and register by clicking on the picture below.

Or better yet, check out the 2018 Piano Camp for Piano Teacher VIP bundle that includes Power Up Practice PLUS the 2017 Piano Camp.

Read all the details by clicking the picture below.


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