A Simple Step-by-Step Start to Major Scales – All Without a Book

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Elizabeth Gutierrez from Piano Teacher Academy has launched a new course, A Simple Step-by-Step Start to Major Scales – All Without a Book.  If you enrolled in the 2017 Piano Camp for Piano Teachers online course bundle from last summer you already have this course, so no need to enroll. If you didn’t, it is now available as a stand-alone course!


Why wait until students can read a scale book and understand key signatures before starting scales? You can start students easily with scales once they know steps and skips at the keyboard. Elizabeth shares a tried-and-true method for introducing scales in a highly visual, auditory, and kinesthetic manner to confirm understanding of all 12 major scales in just a few weeks! All without a book!

The course contains a video lesson and 4 PDF handouts PLUS….. COURSE BONUSES JUST ADDED!

Plus you will receive a week-to-week assignment plan for an average age beginner (ages 7-8) so you’ll have a better idea of how to progress from week to week. And you can watch videos of students in action performing the scale chain and scale chant.


Elizabeth’s system will get your primer-level students (any age, even 4-5-year-olds) started on scales in a very straightforward, understanding way. No more waiting until method books introduce scales. She begins this step-by-step teaching plan when students have demonstrated a good grasp of steps vs. skips on the keyboard and on the staff.

This system works beautifully for beginners of all ages (even 4-year-olds!) and it’s especially helpful for teaching transfer students who need serious review or who have never learned scales at all. Also, adults could enroll in this program and guide themselves along quite easily!

Once done with this system, students move easily into the playing of one- octave scales with the traditional fingerings.

Elizabeth’s method of teaching scales, help students prepare for upcoming theory tests quite reliably as it teaches them how the Circle of 5ths comes about and how key signatures fit into the scheme of everything.

After learning the contents of each scale so clearly, students are later able to look at their music and recognize key signatures with ease!

Access this course anytime on demand, across all your devices. All the PDF handouts are downloadable so you can use them again and again with your students.


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