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Today’s Feature Friday is a BRAND NEW set of the popular Poke Cards! The music instrument set includes 36 different instruments divided into Brass, Keyboard, Percussion, String, and Woodwind families.

Poke Cards are a great way for students to assess themselves and encourage independent learning when reviewing musical concepts. Many teachers enjoy using them during lab time, waiting time and independent time. Have a big group of students? Divide into stations!

Students simply “poke” in the correct answer and look on the back to see if they were correct. An answer key and optional recording sheet are included. There are 3 variations and 3 print options to choose from: Full color, lightly colored and b/w.

Want to see a video for an “inside” look at what poke cards are all about? I share a peak at the music symbol poke cards below…

Other Poke Cards available:

More Poke Cards Coming Soon!

  • Chords
  • Musical Terms
  • Musical Words


What other teachers have said about Poke Cards:

“Jennifer hits a home run with these poke cards every time!” Tammy

“My students absolutely LOVE all the Poke cards!  Awesome!” Debra

“I cannot express my delight enough over how I feel about the interval poke cards.  Jennifer Foxx has made a brilliant and extremely easy resource for teaching intervals.  In all of the 32 years of teaching piano, this is the best I have come across. I have been struggling with two of my mid -beginners with the concept of melodic and harmonic and which is which.  I decided to turn to Jennifer’s poke cards after being exasperated by everything else I had tried.  It was a big hit. Both children had a clear and concise understanding by the end of their lessons.  They were quickly and easily able to accurately identify both.  I cannot give Jennifer enough thanks.”  Sue

“Everyone of the poke sets are really worth the value. Hands-on materials with little prep is for me and my lab!” Buyer

“Such great variety! I put these to use during computer lab and they were a big hit. Quote from a 10-year-old boy: “This is FUN!” Tammy

“Love it as a small group assessment. Harder to use with my classes of 30!  Great student self-assessment tool.” Mark

“Love that this is a check it yourself that my students can do while waiting for their lesson.” Buyer

“I really like the variety of cards in this set. I have plenty of staff and keyboard cards with staff (note) names and keyboard names, but very few, include the black keys. These DO include the black keys and giving the student multiple choice options makes them really think about their answer. Good work, Jennifer! Thank you!” Tammy

“I wanted a little bit of a challenge for all of my music mathsters. Something quick and fun!   This fits the bill.  Plus the parents love the review it gives them in the area of math.   Isn’t it great when we can tie subjects together!” Buyer

Well done, students really enjoy flipping the card over to see if they got the correct answer!” D’Anne

“I have so many students approaching the key signature stage!   I needed something fun to reinforce and this works splendidly! Who knew that such a boring subject matter could be fun!” Buyer

“Thank you! I can’t wait to introduce these to my students next term. A big thank you for including the English terms. It’s always difficult to find good resources using these terms!” Ellena

“I just love giving my students background info on composers. It makes their music come alive!  Who wouldn’t want to play a game to learn this info! Keep the cards a coming!” Buyer

“I love these Jennifer!! They will be perfect for my piano lab! Thank you!!” Amber


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