TpT Gift Card Winner!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! I really appreciate it! It helps me help YOU even better! Also, thank you to those of you who left sweet comments at the end of the survey. You have no idea how much those mean to me. 🙂

Congratulations to the winner of the TpT gift card. (Check your email inbox (or junk folder) for an email from me. Enjoy!

Monthly Newsletter

If you do not receive my monthly newsletter and emails and would like to stay in touch, you can sign up here. You will receive a monthly freebie the beginning of the month and then through the week typically just a couple emails. One is usually previewing a blog post that week and the other is announcing my “Feature Friday” special. I try not to bombard inboxes because I am in the same boat as I’m sure many of you where you go through a ton of emails each day.

Online Courses

Also, some of you weren’t familiar with my online video courses so I thought I would just let you know that you can find that on simply by clicking the “Online Courses” link at the top. It will then re-direct you to my course site where you will have unlimited access to any of the courses you purchase. As I mentioned in the survey, I plan to start doing some “mini-courses” soon which are basically shorter courses, similar to webinars, no longer than an hour long. I appreciate your input on those. You will be able to find/access those in the same location when they are available.

Many of you added music lab as a subject you were interested in for a mini-course. I do have a free music lab course online you can watch. Beyond what is included in that, I would love to hear what else specifically, you would like to see in a mini-course. Just leave a comment below, message or email me.

Survey Freebie

Again, many many thanks! I hope you all enjoyed the emoji freebie. If you are receiving this email but didn’t have a chance to do the survey, I am leaving it available for a little while longer. Though the gift card giveaway is over, you are welcome to give your input and still access the freebie here.

I’m super excited about the September newsletter freebie so stay tuned! This is something that I know many of you have been wishing to see.

When You Wish on TpT

Speaking of wishing… Sometimes it is tempting to leave a comment/rate a resource on TpT based on what you wish was included. I wanted to give a couple tips that will help both of us. Please, before rating, look at the previews and read through the description thoroughly. If it’s not mentioned or seen, it probably isn’t there. However, if you want to double check OR maybe suggest something, just click on the Q&A or even email me directly and ask if the resource has what you are hoping it does. I am a big proponent of communication. It can make a WORLD of difference because many times those “wishes” can benefit everyone and come true! While I can’t make all wishes come true, if it benefits the majority, I do take those suggestions seriously.

Happy Teaching!!!


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