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Christopher Sutton over at invited me awhile back to do a masterclass for Musical U. After brainstorming a few ideas and subjects, I decided to present on mindful practicing. Many of the subscribers over at Musical-U are students learning an instrument from a teacher or through self-study. In addition to students, there are some teachers like you, that want to improve their musical skills. This is why I thought the subject of mindful practicing would be perfect as it is a relevant topic to all.

I wanted to take a moment to share what Musical U is all about. If you have heard of Easy Ear Training, then you are already familiar with Christopher Sutton’s work. Musical U is a community that is dedicated to helping you become more musical. It was built to address the most common and frustrating problems faced by musicians and help more people to realize their full musical potential. Inside the community, you will find tons of articles and training videos!

Musical U is a combination of:

  • The very best training resources developed and proven over the last 5 years at Easy Ear Training.
  • A friendly, supportive community because trying to go it alone is one of the major stumbling blocks faced by musicians.
  • Access to experts so that you can get personal help whenever you face a new question or challenge.

As stated on their website, “Whether you want to play by ear, improvise easily, create your own music, or sing confidently, Musical U is built to provide you with everything you need to become the musician you’ve always dreamed of being.”


Because this subject on mindful practicing, can benefit anyone who is learning or plays a musical instrument, I wanted to invite you but also encourage you to invite others to attend this FREE masterclass. Join me this Saturday, August 26th, (8am PST; 15:00 UST) where you will be learning Mindful Practicing: Kicking Those Bad Habits to the Curb.



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