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Did you see the Eclipse? I hope so!!!

Now that you experienced the solar eclipse, it’s time to take off those solar glasses and enter to win a $10 TpT Gift card! PLUS a thank you FREEBIE for EVERYONE! 

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How to enter?

Just simply fill out this short survey. EVERYONE will receive a link to a FREEBIE after submitting as a thank you for taking the time to fill it out. You will also be entered into a drawing to win a $10 TpT gift card! Win-Win! Deadline to fill out the survey and enter to win the gift card is this Sunday, August 27th. . GIVEAWAY AND SURVEY HAS ENDED.

When you are done filling out the survey, I would love to hear where you saw the solar eclipse by leaving a reply below. Did you travel anywhere to see it? My husband drove up to Idaho to view full totality. I just got off the phone with him and he said it was an AMAZING experience!

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  1. Dana McCabe

    I watched it from my backyard! I live just west of Portland, OR. We had about 98-99% totality. It was neat!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      That is awesome Dana! I watched the Oregon view from the Weather Channel video feed. So cool that you got to experience that!

  2. Kerry Drombosky

    My husband and I drove from Pittsburgh PA ( maybe 8-10 hours) to Princeton KY-a couple of miles from the viewing center for the nation. Darling Husband found a little Italian restaurant along the highway with great food that closed at 1:00 so customers and staff could all set up camp on the parking lot & watch. You can’t get better than that – dinner and a show!?

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Oh man, that is terrific Kerry! What a neat memory that will be!

  3. Christy

    Here in Kansas City, MO we had clouds and storms 🙁 Students were able to go out for about 45 min. leading to totality but when totality arrived, the sun/moon was hidden from storm clouds. Just after students came in after hidden totality, heavy rainstorms started and continued through entire afternoon. I was one of three who stayed in with students whose parents wanted them to stay in (vision concerns) but all the district bandwidth couldn’t handle all the “live streaming” and every link I tried (local or NASA) just kept buffering; we couldn’t see the total eclipse even online 🙁

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Oh bummer Christy, that is exactly what happened to my Mom minus the rain. Darn it! 🙁

  4. buckeyeamy

    I tried to watch in Columbus, Ohio. We were in about an 86% zone at its peak, but unfortunately it got very cloudy and looked like it might rain less than an hour before the peak. I was inside and went out several times taking my glasses to up at the sky and I couldn’t see a thing!! Of course, an hour later the clouds went away. So, in my neighborhood, it was much ado about nothing!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Oh boy, I guess we can’t win them all. Such a major bummer… 🙁

  5. Lavinia Livingston

    At faculty meetings yesterday but there was a break for all to go out to see the eclipse. Being just a mile from the ocean near Santa Cruz, CA, we were socked in with fog. There was a bit of darkening an that felt a bit eerie but there was no sun or eclipse to be seen.

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Awe! This is making me sad that the weather prevented many from seeing anything.

  6. Ethelyn Beck

    We drove from Fort Worth to Columbia, MO, a few days before The Eclipse.
    My husband is really into studying the heavens- stars. He had his telescope and digital camera ready.
    We did have wispy clouds, but we were able to see the first phases and totality with just a little haze.
    It was an awesome experience.
    The clouds came back and hid the second half the Eclipse, then the clouds cleared and the sun was shining with such brillance.
    Only an Awesome God and Creator could produce such a wondrous sight.

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Ethelyn, that was a beautiful way of explaining the eclipse. I wasn’t able to experience totality but from what my husband shared with me, it can be a very spiritual experience. Amazing to say the least!


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