Tech Tuesday: Organize Websites to iPad Folders

If you are like me, you have websites you use over and over again whether for yourself or for your students. While you can always bookmark those websites, if you are using the iPad (especially with students), I found it even better to create an icon for that specific website and pop them into one of my existing folders.

For example, if I liked to use with my students and we were learning about a different composer each month, I may want to include it in my “Music History” folder on my iPad along with the rest of my Music History apps. This way it can easily be found and students don’t have to go browsing or messing with any of the bookmarks on Safari.

I put together a quick video showing you exactly how to do this. It is super easy! Once you do it, you will want to do it for a lot of different websites you frequent. I hope this tip is helpful for you!

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