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Feature Friday is back after a 2-week break. Since a lot of you are starting back to your fall semester, I thought I would feature my Getting to Know You worksheets

I like to have students fill these out the first week back or when new students join. Really they can be used anytime you see fit.

Want to change some of the questions? There is an editable version included too!

I have students fill these out every year and LOVE seeing how the answers change each year. Be sure to read some of the comments below where teachers have shared how they use them. There are some great ideas!

What other teachers have said about the Getting to Know You Worksheets:

“My students loved this and I’ve found out SO much about them already! Who knew the quiet little girl dreams of being a comedian and the soccer playing boy wants to be a doctor! Great resource – Thanks!” Katharine

“I love that I’ll be able to learn a little more about my students, get them engaged right from the start, and watch as their interests change throughout the years. I’m also excited that Jennifer has done this for me — it’s one less thing I have to do! Thanks!” Andrea

“I did this with 2nd & 3rd grade this year and loved it. I used the version with a blank border so my students could create and color their own doodles around the boxes. Then, each week/rotation, I feature 2 students from each class. I read from their paper, the students try to guess who it is, and then I post it in the hallway for the next week. They love this and they are getting to know each other too!”  Dena

“Wow! What a great idea! I will use this in my first Group Lesson this year, and will also take a photo of each student. They will be fun to post in the hallway near the piano. Thanks!”  Anna

“Great first-week activity! Going to give it back at the end of the year to see changes.” Shannon

“Ahhhhhhh the first week back, done! Thank you for giving us the way to get to know our students better. I’m also thankful for this, because we now have 6 teachers and I want to get to know THEIR students better.” Kelly


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