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*Heads up- next week I will be skipping Feature Friday while I am in Chicago for the NCKP conference. It will resume the following week.


Do you remember doing puzzles growing up? I grew up doing puzzles with my mom and siblings. My mom loved doing puzzles and many times she would have a card table set up in the family room with a puzzle on it, especially during the summer months when we were out of school. Reading and puzzles were a favorite summer activity. Wonderful memories!

I thought I would feature my MEGA puzzle bundle which includes 12 different puzzle sets ranging from symbols, note reading, composers, instruments and much more!

Just so there is no confusion, these puzzles are not like the puzzle pieces you make to create a picture. (Check out my Great Composer puzzle for that) The puzzles I am featuring is is a matching activity. Cut up, mix up and have students find the matching puzzle “partner”. For example, in the rhythm set, they have 3 matches to find a quarter note symbol, the word quarter note, and the words 1 beat and put them together as a match. In the staff puzzle, they are matching the name of the note to the note on the staff.

Because these puzzles have a particular to match, they are more versatile in how you can use them. You can use them as a simple matching activity. Or how about turning them over for a memory game? What about putting them in a particular order (i.e.: Circle of 5th) or doing a timed “race”? They also work very well as a station activity.

The MEGA bundle includes the following sets of puzzles: 
Key Signatures
Keyboard Notes
Major Chords
Minor Chords
Staff notes


What other teachers have said about some of the some of the puzzle sets!

“My students are loving your puzzles!” Marie

“I used this with one of my stations and the students really liked it. Thank you for this great resource.” Kimberly

“I’m using this to keep students productively occupied while transitioning and filling out paperwork between lessons.” Heather

“Very worth the time it took to cut and laminate. The kids love these.” Wesley

“I’m using this with my students who are preparing for theory exams. It’s much more fun than having me call out questions.” Heather

“This is a wonderful product. A great way to assess if my students really know all the major and minor chords. Thanks!” Brittany

“I used this game with students in the rhythm camp I had. They loved doing the puzzles!” Carol

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