Feature Friday: Practice Makes Perfect or Does It?

Practice Makes Perfect or DOES It is a workshop I have been holding with my students for over 10 years. It is one of my favorites because students walk away fully armed with a better understanding of how they should practice. Watch the video to find out which resource I use with students is one of my favorites and why.

While I use this workshop for my piano students, it really can be used with any instrument. I think there is only one page in the workbook you would want to pull and just one of the optional outside resources you may not want to use (or can adapt for your instrument). Other than that, the lesson plans are general enough to use with any students regardless the instrument they play.


This workshop includes:

Lesson Plans (over 4+ hours)
Guideline for Common Practice Flaws and Solutions
Crafts and Snack Ideas
A Practice Game
Motivational Posters
Supporting Worksheets
*A reproducible student practice workbook (also sold separately)

Inside the student practice workbook you will find:

Note to Student
Practice Steps Checklist
Practice Tips
Practice Diary
Practice Schedule
Practice Goals and Reflection (Weekly)
Practice Goals (Monthly)
Reflection (Monthly)
Year End Reflection
Musical Self Assessment (Beginning, Middle and End of Year)
Personal Performance Evaluation (Pre and Post)
Just for Fun Coloring Pages


I’m super excited to make this available for you to use with your students. I hope you will find it very valuable. I would encourage you to use it every few years as the overall experience  and takeaway is different even if the student has had the workshop before.

What other teachers have said about Practice Makes Perfect or Does It?

“Jennifer did it, again! An amazing resource! Because I have used her other offerings (practice incentives, etc.), I was utterly confident in purchasing this practice workshop. In fact, I was so confident, after printing the workbook and some worksheets, I spent only 10 minutes preparing for the workshop – just glanced over her agenda outline, and called it good. I have taught this workshop 3 times this week and it has gone off without a hitch. A fantastic, well-thought out resource. Great pacing, interesting and captivating video links, great printed resources! This workshop is thorough, fun, engaging and made me look like a hero to my piano parents. Thank you, again, Jennifer, for your wonderful resources! I am off to peruse your store for more resources that I know I will have to buy!” Mae

“I offered this workshop to my students this summer as a way to get them set up to practice through the summer. They already said how the information has helped them practice smarter in the first few days of the workshop. Teaching win!” Julie

“Excellent product and a great value! I love the reproducible student handbooks! The teacher plans are very well laid out and should make it very easy to teach this summer camp with a majority of the prep work already done for me! Excited to use this with my teen students this summer as part of a music workshop.” Christine

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