Review: Chicken Scream App


There is a new app that’s out and is going viral. It is called Chicken Scream. The basic premise of the app is to allow your voice to control the chicken. Make a soft noise and the chicken walks, make a loud noise and the chicken jumps.

I first heard about this app in the iPad Piano Teachers Group and my first thought was hilarious! My second thought of course was how well would this work with piano?

So I tried it…

As you can see this would be a fun app to use with students when teaching dynamics regardless what instrument you teach. Play softer, the chicken walks slowly, play louder and the chicken jumps. I was a little late on my dynamics on that last jump, darn it. Voice teachers would have a fun time with this app as well. The only caveat is making sure students don’t actually scream.

Chicken Scream is free but it has annoying ads including a talking ad which can mess up the game. So I would definitely spend $1.99 to get rid of the ads. (That’s if it works for you to do so. I tried paying for that feature and it’s not letting me right now so hopefully they will get rid of that bug soon because I do want to get rid of the ads.)

Alright, now its time for me to go replay and pass level 2…


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