#KindnessNation- Have You Heard of It?

Have you heard of the #kindnessnation hashtag going around on TpT yet? Last week hundreds of TpT followers flooded the site with FREE resources you can use with your students. At first, I didn’t think I would have time to pull something together but that morning it dawned on me what I could do! So I quickly put together a fun resource to encourage kindness in your studios or classrooms. With this resource it doesn’t matter what or where you teach!

Secret Student compliment cards are meant to encourage kindness. How you use them is really up to you but here are a couple suggestions I thought would be fun…

Suggestion 1: Have each student draw another name and that name becomes their secret student or “buddy”. They can give them a compliment card and write a special note on the back. They can do “secret” good deeds for them, etc…

Suggestion 2: Have the compliment cards easily accessible. When a student wants to send a compliment someone’s way, they just write a little note on the back and can give it to them personally or as a “secret”.

To find even more free #kindnessnation resources just go to TpT and type in #kindnessnation in the search bar. Last I checked there were over 300 FREE resources! You can grab the freebie above just by clicking on the picture!

Enjoy spreading kindness!

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