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I love teaching beginners. There is something about starting fresh from the very beginning that is just so much fun and brings so much joy to both me and the student. There are so many great resources out there for young beginners and Handy Houses, written by Samantha Perkins is one I think you will enjoy.HandyHouses

Telling stories is a great way to help kids connect and remember. If you are like me, you have probably used some kind of story with your students relating to the notes on the piano keyboard. We do this because it not only makes learning more fun but it is engaging. And when students are engaged, they remember. I’ve heard and used many different versions of keyboard stories over the years but never have I seen a version in an actual storybook layout.

This is when Handy Houses comes into play. Handy Houses is a short and simple storybook (28 pages) for kids who are brand new to piano and learning the musical alphabet on the white keys. The adventures begin in the dog house and move forward in the people house. The great thing about having an actual storybook to read is that it can open the lesson to more dialogue and imagination. Students can see the characters and then figure out why grandpa might be so grumpy. They can play a part in the story by adding to it or answering open ended questions.


Samantha includes some instructions to the teacher sharing different ideas on how to use this book. When you visit Samantha’s website, you can print out a blank keyboard for students to not only practice their white key letter names but to create their own story! Wouldn’t it be fun to keep a collection of different stories over the years students have created?

Samantha has done a great job creating a storyline students will remember. Handy Houses is a book that can be read during the lesson, placed in a waiting area to be read while students are waiting for lessons or even sent home for parents to read to their kids (they may even want their own copy!). You can purchase Handy Houses on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free sample in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are of my own and not influenced by the author or any affiliate program. The amazon affiliate links included help me share reviews such as this one and keep this blog going. It does not affect your purchase price or the authors royalties in any way.  Thank you for your support and happy teaching!


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  1. Lynnette Barney

    Looks like a super fun book! I just ordered it. Thanks for sharing this resource.


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