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Do you teach lessons online? Ever wanted to try but been a little nervous about getting started? Skype lessons is one of my favorite win-win solutions when students need to miss their lesson. But it is also a great tool for teaching weekly lessons. Ever have a student move and they really wish they could stay with you? Maybe they can via Skype? Ever wish you could teach more during the day time hours when all your other students are at school? How about teaching via Skype?

Dr. Melody Payne has a terrific training webinar for music teachers who are interested to teach online. In Learn to Teach Music Lessons Via Skype, Melody goes through the benefits of online teaching as well as what she calls the “less positives” that can be addressed. (I love that term!)

You will learn tips on students and teacher set up, what equipment you will need (basic setup and lighting) in addition to any enhancements you may want to use (audio tools, recording software, etc…). Melody also has great tips on finding students for online teaching, policies to think about, how to take payments and such.

She shares teacher and student tips for before, during and after the lesson and how forming relationships despite being online happens. I love when she shares a cute example of a relationship she has established with one of her online students.

A perfect course for to get started with online lessons, Learn to Teach Music Lessons Via Skype includes 9 videos:

Video 1: Why Online Lessons?

Video 2: Benefits of Online Lessons

Video 3: Basic Setup

Video 4: Enhanced Setup

Video 5: Finding Students

Video 6: A Solid Policy Protects

Video 7: Tips for Teachers

Video 8: Games and Activities

Video 9: Bonus Material

Melody was a recent guest on where she shares her experience with teaching Skype online. You can listen to the podcast (or read the transcript) here. When you sign up for Learn to Teach Music Lessons Via Skype, you will be given a link where you can join the private Facebook group and receive continued support from Melody and interact with other teachers that have jumped into online teaching.

Dr. Melody Payne’s online lesson course is a perfect course for teachers who are thinking about teaching online but have been hesitant to jump in. Melody calms any fears that teachers may be feeling and goes through tips and tricks even including some ways to have fun with your students online. It is the perfect environment to learn and gain confidence in your online teaching experience.

Melody’s webinar, Learn to Teach Music Lessons on Skype, is available right now at a BIG discount. You can purchase it here. Melody is giving away a copy of Learn to Teach Music Lessons Via Skype to one lucky teacher! Deadline to enter is by Saturday, September 24th; 10:00pm MST/Pacific. GIVEAWAY HAS EXPIRED


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