Creating a Studio Policy and Sticking to It!

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Sometimes the hardest part of being an independent teacher is just being able to stick to our policies when push comes to shove. Would you agree?

I’m excited to announce that today kicks off launch week for a new course, Creating a Studio Policy and Sticking to It!  This course covers two main categories…

Creating your policy.

Who this benefits:

  • Teachers who don’t have a policy and want to get started.
  • Teachers who have a policy but have room for improvement.
  • Teachers who have a policy but want a quick review of what it should include plus get some other helpful tips.

Sticking to Your Policy.

Who this benefits:

  • Teachers who have a hard time sticking to their policy when questions arise.
  • Teachers who want to include win-win solutions in their policy.
  • Everyone!

With almost 2 hours of video instruction, this Course Includes:

  • Module 1- Introduction
  • Module 2- Policy Myths and Benefits
  • Module 3- Tips on Creating Your Studio Policy
  • Module 4- What Should a Policy Include?
  • Module 5- Understanding and Resolving Confrontations
  • Module 6- How to Say NO and Have it Stick
  • Module 7- Create Win-Wins!

And some pretty sweet BONUS Materials-

  • Bonus Video Module- Tips to Get Paid on Time
  • Bonus Video Module- Video Lesson Tutorial
  • Course Workbook
  • Policy Script Starters (with over 30 different scenarios!)
  • An Inside Look At My Policies and Registration
  • Course Certificate
  • Continued support in the private Facebook Community

(If you have heard me present on this topic “live”, this course includes MUCH more with almost 2 hours of video content as well as other bonus materials.)

Feel free to check out more information about the upcoming course including the promo video here.

Launch Special!

Now it wouldn’t be launch week without a launch special, right? Through July 1st, when you use the coupon code STICKING-TO-IT you will SAVE $10.00! Click here to enroll.

During launch week I will be sharing helpful articles to get you started in creating a studio policy and sticking to it! Hope to see you around!


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