Tech Tuesday: Kick it Up with Jennifer and Gail

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Gail Fischler with had approached me a while back to see if I would like to “blab” with her sharing some teacher resources with everyone. I thought it would be fun so yesterday we did our first blab.

Now if you have never heard of blab before, it is a free online tool (desktop or iOS app) where you can have a live video conversation with up to 4 people in the chat room. Those who aren’t “in” the video chat can still participate by leaving comments similar to periscope or Facebook live. (Speaking of which, did you see Just Ask Jennifer! yet?)

The first blab that I watched was when Elissa Milne and Diane Hidy got together sharing about their music and different tips and tricks for teachers. Fun stuff!

So today I’m sharing our first blab with you. In this blab the topic is “fun with students this summer”. I share briefly about my summer camp course, Make More Teach Less. Gail shares about her Musical Words game. And then we both share a couple other resources that other teachers have done with their students as well as a couple freebies!

Here are all the links to the resources and games mentioned in this blab including the FREEBIES!

Make More Teach Less- A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp or Workshop

Give Me 5- Rule Poster Freebie

Musical Words Game

Musical Words Dice Freebie

Kristin Phillip’s Hi-Ho-Cheerio Game Adaption Post

Tracy King’s Music Town Parking Center Post

Let us know what you think of this Blab! Enjoy those resources!


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  1. Jeff Wille

    Wow, this is an awesome way to communicate! Thank you for sharing! I was having trouble figuring out how to download the app from their website on my Macbook Pro. What is the trick to do that? I didn’t see it in the Mac Desktop App store. Thank you!

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Jeff, I was a little confused as well as far as the desktop goes. I just uploaded it to my iPad and iPhone instead. I know I can log into their website from and watch some blabs from there but when I went to just record the blab from my iMac I couldn’t figure out a way. So not sure what is up with that. You may want to send them a message and see what you need to do on the desktop end? I need to look further into that as well. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      • Jeff Wille

        Thank you Jennifer for your suggestions, I appreciate it. I will try what you said and see what happens.

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