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I am excited to share a children’s book with you, written by Sherry Miller called Fireworks in the Night.

Fireworks in the Night is the first book in a series introducing the music of George Frideric Handel.  Fireworks in the Night is an entertaining and captivating story where Randy Raccoon, the main character in the book and quite the story teller, visits the farm animals on “Rock a Note” farm. Together they go on an adventure in the woods discovering magic and music.

The book is colorful and attractive, full of beautiful illustrations by JohnM. Tatulli. Kids regardless of reading ability will really enjoy turning each page. If the illustrations weren’t enough, included with the book is an audio version to download which literally makes the story come alive! I really enjoyed listening to the audio which includes the music composed by Handel that are mentioned in the book. In addition, teachers and parents will have access to free lesson plans and other supplementary downloads like a Handel bookmark and more! When I saw those free lesson plans you know I got excited. Teachers love free lesson plans!

Rock a Note Farm

AnnouncingFrom the website, “Author and music studio owner, Sherry Miller got her Inspiration for Randy the Raccoon and His Musical Friends  from the animals that live on her farm (Saddlebrook Farm in Delaware). The star of the series is Randy the Raccoon, a frequent visitor to the farm. In the Randy Series, Sherry combined her love of animals and music history in story form. Not only does she have horses, cats and a resident raccoon, but the farm is also a busy music studio to several hundred students and provides weekly music classes for daycare centers.”

You can even visit the animals bio’s on her website too! See the “live” versions of the characters in the book! Can you imagine the instant connection to the characters when kids are able to relate to them more from their bio’s?

To learn more about Sherry Miller and John Tatulli, please visit their bio’s here.

To stay updated for future releases in this series you will want to like the Kidz Jump Jam n’ Jive Publishing  page on Facebook.

You can purchase Fireworks in the Night on Amazon. Or if are interested in purchasing 10 books or more, you can get 20% off when you use the code LGVLN2CR here.


Sherry has offered to give a copy of Fireworks in the Night away! To enter the giveaway just click here. Deadline to enter is Thursday, April 14, 2016. Good luck!

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