Are Ground Rules Necessary for Summer Camp?

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Why establish ground rules? Here is the thing, I say it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s always better for students to know what is expected of them before any problems should incur. Ground rules set a precedent and clear understanding of what you expect from students when they are with you for their camp or group activity session.

Who? You may not have behavior issues with your older students but you may have issues with them whipping out their cell phone every second that they can. Set ground rules that are appropriate to the ages your students in your camp session are.

When? Establish rules the very first day of your camp session. For some classes, they may need little reminders at the beginning of each time you meet with them.

How can you establish ground rules? First it’s a good idea to reflect on what is important to you and base it on those things. You can even have students help you with the rules, but remember…

KISS– Keep It Simple Silly. Students are not going to sit there and memorize all these rules. So keep it short and simple. This is especially important if you are asking students to give feedback on rules. They are very good at coming up with lots and lots! 😉

In the course, Make More Teach Less; A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp I cover this topic including some ideas for rules and much more! One set of rules that I share in the course is “Give Me 5“. Today you get to download the Give Me 5 rule posters for FREE!

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