2 Do’s and a Don’t for Running a Summer Camp

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I have learned a lot over the years when running a music camp. Some things are easy to figure out and some not so much. I thought I would share 2 Do’s and a Don’t when running a music camp with your students.

Do Over Prepare! When I am creating my lesson plans for summer camp or a workshop, I always make sure I add at the bottom of my lesson plans “If Time…” If time is a list of several games and activities that I can do with my students at the drop of a hat. Things that I don’t necessarily need materials for. Or perhaps it’s a game I have in my music arsenal that hasn’t been played in awhile. I make sure the “If Time” activities are not the priority activities because we might not get to them. But they are there just in case. You will notice that each group of students in a camp session create a different dynamic to the group. With one group I may struggle to get all my lesson plans in, while another group I have all this extra time. Particularly before your first camp session it’s a little harder to gage how long an activity will really take. With each session you have a better idea. So you will want to plan accordingly and have extra “if time” activities planned.

Do promote early and often! Even if you are just doing summer camp for your own students, you will want to start getting the word out early so families can prepare their other summer activities around your summer camp. I start announcing summer camp in April reminding them of the dates and then start getting session choices out there. This is usually 6-8 weeks before camp sessions begin. The deadline to give me their options is by May 1st. (Which is also when I do my re-registration for fall) Now if you are promoting outside your studio, you will probably want to start advertising in March or April and then continue to promote often. Remember people need to see something several times before committing.

Don’t expect Perfection. Whether this is your first camp that you are doing or your 10th, if things don’t go just the way you have it planned, don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead learn from it, jot down some notes so you remember what went wrong and do better next time. Running a summer camp is an opportunity for you to grow so give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done regardless if it was perfect or not!

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