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Surprise! If you own the deluxe version of The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest you will want to go and re-download the file because I just added another bonus for you! This is a game you can use after Challenge 1. Matter of fact, you can even make the game the challenge. There are 6 different game play ideas for you. (You will find the game under the “Bonus Goodies” folder)

I created this game because I decided to do the first challenge together at our group lessons since it is a longer challenge. I’m really excited about our upcoming group lessons next week. I have a parent coming in as a “special guest”. I will tell you all about it next week!

In the meantime, you can check out the Medieval Instruments Game here if you don’t have the deluxe quest program as it is available ala-carte as well. I highly recommend using the Musicians and Instruments in Medieval Times companion that goes along with it here.

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  1. Jan

    Jennifer I just redownloaded the deluxe version to get the new medieval instrument game but it wasn’t in there. I am doing something wrong?

    • FPSResources

      Jan, it’s kind of hidden. You need to open the challenges file first. Then it is in with the Musician and Instruments in Medieval times file. Let me know if you still don’t find it.
      ***UPDATE*** I just re-downloaded it again and moved it to a folder called Bonus Goodies. Let me know if you find it! Thanks Jan!


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