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I wanted to feature the app that is a BIG part of The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest program for our Tech Tuesday.

Aurasma is a free augmented reality app and is available on iOS devices and Android devices. Think Harry Potter technology!

First  you will want to be familiar with the following words:

Augmented Reality: Making something come to life
Aura: The ‘magic’ thing that pops up when you hold your device over something.
Trigger Image: The picture or video you want to link to for the aura to come to life.
Overlay: The thing you will apply on top of the trigger image (usually a video from your camera roll)


If you want to create in Aurasma you will need to sign up for an account and create a channel. It is free to register. Once you are all set, then you upload a trigger image. This is the image that will be hovered over so the aura can come to life! When you pull away from the image, it stops. It’s up to you what you want your trigger image to be. In the musical quest the trigger images are the challenge cards students will use when they advance to the next phase of their quest journey.

Then you will upload a overlay. Overlays can be images, videos etc… In the challenge cards, the overlays are videos students will see when they hover their device over the trigger image (aka challenge cards). You will then name your aura and place it in your channel.

Now if you aren’t interested in creating Aurasma’s yourself but are doing The Magical Lute; A Musical Quest program this year, you will want to follow FPSResources on Aurasma. You must follow in order to use the challenge card aura’s with your students. Most people are visual so I created a video tutorial on just how to do this and how to use those challenge cards in your Quest!

My favorite thing about Aurasma is that it is a perfect example of engaging students outside of the box! This is why I am SO excited about our Quest this year! It is very out of the box and I can’t wait to introduce it at our fall kickoff next week.

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