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This week my students will be choosing pieces for our spring recital, Reach Beyond the Stars. I thought that it may be helpful to share the pieces I have found for my students to choose from in case you are doing a space themed recital or might in the future… If you know of any others that aren’t listed below, feel free to share in the comments!

(Note: Pop pieces like Star Wars and Part of Your World, etc… are available in all sorts of levels. I am just listing them below once)

Pre-Reading (off staff)-

  • Night Songs- Mary Leaf

Early Elementary-

  • The Eastern Eclipse- Jerald Simon
  • Spaceship to Mars- Carol Matz
  • Spaced Out!- Cheryl Finn and Eamonn Morris
  • My Race in Space- Willard A. Palmer
  • A Walk in Space- Willard A. Palmer
  • Star Wars- Faber Pop Rep. Primer
  • Yellow Spaceship- Kevin Olson
  • Night of Stars- Faber/My First Piano Lesson C
  • Rising Stars-  Jennifer Eklund/Pronto Pizazz
  • Part of Your World- Faber/PreTime Popular
  • Men from Mars- Faber/Piano Adventures Primer
  • No Moon Tonight- Faber/Piano Adventures 1 Lesson
  • Dreamy Sky Blue- Faber/Piano Adventures Gold Star Performance 1
  • The Alien in My Treehouse- Carol Matz


  • Shooting Stars- Elizabeth W. Greenleaf
  • Sky Blue- Robert D. Vandall
  • Alien Yard Sale- Larry Rapshaw
  • Star Trails- Walter and Carol Noona
  • Moonlit Path- Debra Perez/Will Baily (Reflective Moments 2)
  • The Return- Spotlight Solos- Jennifer Eklund
  • Starlight Dreams- Christine H. Barden
  • Soaring Above the Clouds- William Workinger and Ed Sueta (Keys to successful performance 2)
  • Stargazing- Helen Marlais
  • Star Quest- Phillip Keveren (Hal Leonard)
  • Storms on Saturn- Piano Adventures Lesson 2A
  • Starry, Starry Night- PA 2A
  • My Moonbeam- Alfred’s Premier Performance 2A
  • Purple Twilight- Alfred’s Premier Performance 2B
  • Somewhere Out There- Hal Leonard Popular Piano Solos 2
  • Mist in the Moonlight- Elizabeth W. Greenleaf (In Recital Bk. 2)
  • A Place in Outer Space- Kevin and Julia Olson (Simply Silly Duets)
  • First Flight- Melody Bober (Just for Fun Elem)
  • Moonfinder- Dennis Alexander (Finger Paintings 1)
  • Somewhere Out There- WB Taz’s Terrific Songs
  • Saturns Rings- Martha Sherill Kelsey (Superstar Solo’s ‘N Stickers 1B)
  • Hopscotch on Mars- Martha Sherill Kelsey (Superstar Solo’s ‘N Stickers 1B)
  • Milky Way- Piano Adventures 2B
  • Lunar Eclipse- Piano Adventures 2B
  • Late Elementary-
  • Mission in Outer Space- Dennis Alexander
  • Space Flight= Elmer G. Lee
  • Voyage to Mars (3 solos)- Arthur Frackenpohl
  • Dance of the Moon and Stars-
  • Stars-
  • Starlight-
  • In the Distance- Will Baily
  • Rocket Man- Jerald  Simon
  • Five, Four, Three, Two, One… Blast Off!- Jerald Simon
  • Starlight Serenade- Jerald Simon
  • The Comet’s Tale- Melody Bober
  • Martian March- Jennifer Linn
  • First Light- Mary Leaf
  • Starlight Waltz-  Timothy Brown
  • Diamonds in the Sky- Nancy Lau
  • Sunbird- Lynn Freeman Olson Signature Collection Vol. 2
  • Space Adventures (Bk with 10 solos)- James Bastien
  • Musical Planets (Bk with 8 solos)- Carolyn Miller
  • No Limits- Jennifer Eklund
  • Starry Night- Alfred’s Premier Performance 3
  • Nightfall- Piano Adventures Technique 3B
  • I Believe I Can Fly- PA Pop. Rep. 3B

Early Intermediate/Intermediate-

  • Looking Up- Jerald Simon
  • Something Like a Star- Ann Buys (
  • Stargazing- Kevin Olson
  • Across the Stars- Dan Coats
  • Journey’s End- Jennifer Eklund
  • New Horizons- Jennifer Eklund
  • Guiding Light- Jennifer Eklund
  • Drops of Jupiter- Train (Hal Leonard)
  • All of the Stars- Ed Sheeran (Best of Ed Sheeran Hal Leonard)
  • Sun Catchers- Robert Vandall (Celebrated Piano Solos Bk. 3)
  • Fishing the Sky- Kurt Bestor (Pianoscape 1)
  • Purple Moon- Dennis Alexander (Just for You 4)
  • Star Trails (Bk with 8 intermediate solos)- Lynn Freeman Olson
  • Space Travel (Bk with 9 intermediate solos)- Nancy Telfer
  • From a Distance- Hal Leonard More Pop solos 5
  • Star Trek The Next Generation- Hal Leonard Pop Solos 5
  • Wind Beneath the Wings- Piano Adventures Pop Rep 5
  • Moonscapes- Christopher Norton (Connections for Piano 5)
  • Swinging on a Star- Alfred’s Premier Pop and Movie Hits 6
  • Star Dust- Elena Cobb


  • Distant Galaxy-
  • Columns of the Sky-
  • Jewels in a Night Sky- Kathleen Massoud
  • Venus- Naoko Ikeda
  • Beyond the Horizon- Randall Hartsell


  1. 88pianokeys

    Looks like fun, thanks for sharing your list!

  2. lynnkie

    great list, thank you for sharing! i never do themes but this might spur me on. one i like for pre-reading: faber piano adventures primer, All the Stars are Shining. it’s an amazing little song on black keys, with pedal and dynamics. kids can play it by their 2nd or 3rd lesson. it really doesn’t belong in the technique books, it should be in performance.
    others that come to mind, i don’t have any particular versions in mind: Catch a Falling Star. Stars Fell on Alabama. Blue Skies. You are my Sunshine.


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