New Year Goals and Reflections

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It’s back to teaching this week for me! How about you? I don’t know about you but I could definitely use another week. The last 5 days of break have been full of refinishing kitchen cabinets and I’m exhausted. But they do look good I must say!

This week I don’t expect a whole lot from students so anything above that is a wonderful surprise! And many times they will surprise me. Students will turn in their holiday practice sheet, they will show me anything they did work on and then I’ll assign new pieces. Then during lab time they will reflect on 2014 and set new goals for 2015. Just in case you missed it, I created a free sheet you can print out for your students to use. You can even fill one out for yourself too! Just click on the picture below or here to download. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 9.11.02 AMAlso a quick tip, I noticed when I post things on Facebook that the numbers really vary on who views the post. It’s really a hit or miss and sometimes the best things I share only get a few views which is really frustrating. For example I had posted that an app was free a particular day and the view number was really low. That would have been one that everyone would want to take advantage of. To make sure that you see all my posts on Facebook, click on that “get notifications” right under the “like” button. This way you don’t miss any freebies, tips, etc… I do this on a bunch of FB pages because I want to make sure I don’t miss anything good. 😉

Hope you had a wonderful holiday break (at least I hope you took one, remember breaks are GOOD for all of us!)

Happy New Year!


  1. earthsong2013

    What a good idea to use the New Year Goals and Resolutions sheet for ourselves. I might take copies to our upcoming MTA meeting, for all of us teachers to fill out. And thank you for the heads up on the Decide Now app being free. I don’t know if I read it on your blog or Facebook page, but I downloaded it and am having great fun with it. I have deleted all the dumb wheels it comes with (which candy to choose, etc) and have created wheels for both my studio (Major and minor keys, key signatures) and home (current clutter clearing project locations). With state theory/musicianship/repertoire evaluations coming up in a few months, I plan to create a wheel for each level and list all the requirements. I think it’s going to be great fun for students. Other ideas would be to have a wheel with various practice steps …. tempo/mood settings ….. lesson activities….. The possibilities are endless. Thanks again!

    • foxxpianostudio

      Wonderful! Glad you can get good use out of the NY sheet. Have fun creating wheels with Decide Now! So many possibilities for sure! 🙂


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