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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about an iOS app and one that I have been wanting to write about is NotateMe.

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If you aren’t familiar with NotateMe, it is a composition app that recognizes handwriting and will put it in computer notation form. The thing that I like about this particularly app is that it gives students practice on how notation is written. Currently NotateMe is $21.99. As the app improves, the price goes up. (Right now it says that it is 25% off for a limited time.)

Now the good news, if you want to simply use this app as a practice tool for students in drawing notation and learning basic melody composition, there is a free version called NotateMe Now. The main difference between the two is the free version only includes a single stave.

I wanted to share some wonderful video resources created by Christopher Russell “choirboy” over at the Technology in Music Education blog. He put together four video lessons for his students to help them when they start composing and using NotateMe Now. I was thrilled to see these video’s because it is a perfect tool to have students view during lab time or at home. In addition he has included PDF’s which include the guide for the theory that is being taught in the lesson, the assignments, and the checklist for the assignment.

Here are the links where you can easily find them.

#1 Using NotateMe Now

#2 NotateMe Now Lesson

#3 and 4 Final Lessons and Thoughts

So if you don’t want to spend money for NotateMe, at the very least check out NotateMe Now. (Just remember the paid version’s price will continue to go up in the meantime)




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