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Congratulations to Jeff Willie and Michelle Sisler for putting on a fantastic online conference these last several days. A lot of hours and hard work went on behind the scenes to make it successful. And successful it was! Thank you!!!

While I was able to catch quite a bit of the presentations, there are still a bunch I need to go back and watch. The beauty of this conference is that I have all year to do that and also go back and watch them again as many times as I want to. The networking sessions yesterday were just as beneficial as the conference itself. Those have also been recorded if you were unable to make any of them that day. 

The virtual exhibit hall includes videos and handouts from the presentations. 

If you were unable to register for this conference it is actually not too late. Even though the live presentations and networking sessions are over, they are still available to view since they were all recorded. So you can still take advantage of them. Please note: The videos as of today when I am writing this are not up yet. Jeff and Michelle have been actively involved in the live presentations and networking and will be working on getting those video’s up as soon as possible this week. So keep your eye out each day to watch as they go up. (There is one that was previously recorded that you can watch now)

Also someone had asked if they can get a certificate for attending the conference. The answer to that is yes you can request that from Michelle or Jeff. They can’t promise it will go towards any educational credits with schools but it may be worth trying (I’m sure MTNA would count it towards certification credits). And it can be something you can show your families as well. 

If you didn’t have the budget before, but can save up for it later this year, I highly recommend registering for


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  1. Leia

    I can’t wait till the videos are up! I missed everything!! Darn time difference 🙂


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