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Every four years I hold Piano Olympics in my studio. So 2014 is our official Piano Olympic year. This summer we are “training” (aka Piano Olympic training camp). I was looking online for some inspirational video’s that I can show my students and came across one that I thought would be perfect for my Fall Kickoff when everyone returns in August (we are doing summer camps right now). I thought I would share it with you today for Tech Tuesday. Enjoy!

GET INSPIRED- Never Give Up On Your Goals!

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 7.39.21 PM

Also if you missed it on the FPSResources Facebook page, don’t miss it here… Free for a limited time! goodEar Intervals- Ear Training app  by iMobilTec.

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  1. Kerry Drombosky

    Thanks for posting this- I’ve picked up several ear training apps, but most of them are too advanced for beginning students. I love ability to choose between ascending & descending intervals-the syllabus that my teaching organization uses tests on ascending intervals, and a few of the apps I’ve tried only play descending or blocked patterns.


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