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This year for my summer workshops I wanted to focus just on theory. My main resource for my workshops was Interactive Whiteboard Software programs from the Fun Music Company. I have most of their products so I knew when they came out with their interactive theory software it would be good. The only trick was I didn’t have an Interactive Whiteboard. Now if you are familiar with Interactive Whiteboards you know they are very expensive. And really how much would a private piano instructor really use one in her studio? So I did a search online for homemade interactive whiteboards and there were several YouTube video’s that show you just how to do this. Of course, you can find how to do anything on YouTube!

All I needed was an inferred pen, powerpoint projector (already had one) and a Wii remote (already had one) and download an interactive whiteboard program. I used ActiveInspire (free online for individual use). So the only thing I had to purchase was the inferred pen and the software from Fun Music Company. Now I wish I could say I was successful in making it work, but I had very limited time and came very close but I couldn’t get it to work in time for my workshops to begin. Had my husband not been so swamped himself, I am confidant we could have made it work, or I should say he could have made it work. However, this didn’t stop me from going forward.

Even though I wasn’t able to use it “interactively” where students used the pen on the projected wall or screen, they still were able to get involved interactively by moving things around with the mouse from the laptop and I still had everything projected via my powerpoint projector. So all in all it was still a successful summer of theory workshops! Using the software from the Fun Music Company along with the printable materials that went along with the software made for easy lesson planning.

You can download a free sample lesson from Fun Music Company here.

Here are some pictures from our theory workshops in June…

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*Coming soon- Some free interactive games from Fun Music Company!


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