MTH Contest- Need your help…


You may have heard that Music Teachers Helper is doing a contest. The grand prize is a lifetime membership! As you might have read on past reviews, I use MTH and absolutely LOVE it! So I worked hard on a video and turned in my submission for the contest. I’m a little late in the “game” so now I just need your help! I would REALLY appreciate it if you…

1. Visit the Music Teachers Helper Facebook page 

2. Find my video submission- “Ode to Music Teachers Helper” by Jennifer Foxx

3. Then Like, Comment AND Share (Likes= 1 point, Comments= 2 points and Shares= 2 points which makes for a total of 5 possible points)

I think my video (and “Ode”) is worth the grand prize. This is a contest I REALLY would like to win, but I can’t without your help so THANK YOU so much in advance for helping! I REALLY appreciate it!


  1. Genny

    Done! I wanted to do that too but the timeline was just too short for me. Besides it’s a big part of my deductions every year. LOL

  2. foxxpianostudio

    Thanks Genny, can you “Comment” and “Share” as well. Those give me more points. Right now there is a teacher that has over 80 shares! Yikes!

  3. Claire Westlake

    Good luck Jennifer! It looks like a great page. I will be sharing it with DVMTA. Thanks!

  4. Christine Blank

    I can see why you support this program, it looks awesome and you did a great job presenting it. 🙂


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