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Today I wanted to share with you an app called Flashnote Derby. If you are not familiar with Flashnote Derby, this is a note reading app set in a horse race game style. When students answer notes in a timely manner correctly the horse and jokey move forward, when answered incorrectly they move backwards. As you can see from the pictures, the notes that are drilled can be customizable for your student. You can also customize how many note questions are given and how fast they should be drilled.

I have  a student that absolutely loves this app. He likes to see his horse move forward and will play this game again and again to improve his score.

Also included in this app are instructional video’s for learning the note names.

Flashnote Derby is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Luke Bartolomeo, creator of Flashnote Derby was gracious enough to give a copy of Flashnote Derby away to two lucky winners of my blog! Thank you Luke!

How to Enter: Leave a comment on how you use your IOS device in your studio. If you don’t have one yet, let me know how you would use it if you did. For extra entries, mention this giveaway on your blog, Facebook and/or Twitter.  Be sure to come back and make additional comments of where you posted about the giveaway.  I will be using a random number generator to choose the winner.

Entry Deadline Date: All entries for this giveaway must be received on or before Thursday, June 7th  to be eligible to win.

Winner Selection and Notification: A winning number will be generated using Random.org shortly after the Entry Deadline Date.  The winner will be announced on this blog on Friday, June 8th.

Claiming Your Prize: Winner must respond within two (2) days of notification or forfeit the prize, in which case an alternate winner will be selected.  Your app code will be emailed to you.



  1. Karla Conner

    I want to use my iPod more this summer as I get more ideas and apps to use with my students. I am excited to see this game!!

  2. Beth

    I use my 1st generation iPad in every single lesson. For the beginner group lessons, I use the Whiteboard app. They also like the Music for Little Mozarts app, and “My First Classical Music” app (by Naxos)
    For my individual private lessons, we use “Tenuto” for ear-training. I haven’t written a single weekly assignment in a notebook all year – I now use “Noterize” to type out & email a .pdf of my assignment. The really exciting upside? If they “forget” their books, I still have their assignment & my comments from every previous week!
    I sometimes have a student record me (on my iPhone) playing a section of their song & email it to them.
    I also keep track of my music lending library with the “iLend” app. You just select someone from your contact list, snap a picture, enter the title (not required but handy), & enter a due date (also not required, but very handy). When the date is reached, the item turns red & you can send out an email (though I don’t personally like the wording so I don’t use that feature). This is my favourite business-side app.
    I could keep going, but I better stop now!
    I’d love to win the flashcard derby (I’ve thought about getting it, but haven’t done so yet).
    Love your blog!

  3. Joan Shufelberger

    I have spent numerous hours downloading recommended music apps for my piano studio. Thanks for the opportunity to go for more!
    Read all your postings! Great!

  4. Tami

    I would love to enter this contest but unfortunately I would need it for an android device, specifically for a Kindle Fire. I LOVE educational apps! I use them in my studio for review and for my children. If I know that I ma going to be someplace where my little ones will become bored, I always bring my kindle. :o) My Kindle Fire is like another appendage for me. :o)

  5. Joy Morin

    I use my iPod Touch mostly for pulling up YouTube videos of pieces my students are working on. I also use it for recording video, accessing my teaching schedule in my calendar, checking emails, playing accompaniment tracks (like the CD for the Faber’s My First Piano Adventures books), etc. I haven’t delved much into educational apps yet – I think I would more if I had an iPad because the screen is so much bigger!

  6. Jerry Cornish

    My iPhone is great to make a fast video or audio recording of students playing. It is especially useful when they do not hear their mistakes because hey are concentrating so hard on reading and performing. A quick listen to themselves allows (teacher-guided) self evaluation and undeniable proof that they really are _______ (fill in the blank: slowing down, skipping rests, breaking the legato, etc.)
    It is also so easy to email or message the student a video of me performing the piece/section from an iPhone. This helps when the piece does not come with a performance CD.

  7. Catherine

    I use my iPad 2 to pull up YouTube videos during lessons, show students PDFs of music I have saved on my iPad, access my calendar for lessons and scheduling, use Notepad to keep track of each student’s repertoire (each student has their own file), and we also use music games like Piano Tutor. I don’t have Flashnote Derby yet and would love a copy!

  8. Lara

    So far I use my ipod mostly for playing YouTube videos, but after attending the ASMTA workshop I am seeing many other possibilities of ways to use it in my studio. I am hoping to make this a “summer of fun” as I start using some of these apps in my lessons. Who knows, I may even upgrade to an ipad soon…

  9. Karen Thompson

    I hope to use my Ipad more this summer, just got it and still reviewing apps. Used the Dr. Seuss app today and the students seemed to enjoy it.

  10. Gail Quackenbush

    I already have an IPad, but have not used it very much in my piano studio yet. I am looking for apps this summer to use next year.

  11. Roxane Lee

    I don’t have an IPad, but I’d use it for educational games during my students’ piano lessons.

  12. Sam allott

    I just started using my iPad A Lot in my studio for listening to CDs from our method books, playing cool music apps and HCX.

  13. Saundra

    I haven’t used apps yet in my studio but really want to get an iPad so I can! The iPhone screen is so small that I haven’t tried to use it yet. This game looks really good!


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