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I will be attending the MTNA Conference in NYC next week.  I was planning on taking notes on my iPad 2, but I didn’t want to use the on screen keyboard.  While I have used it in many meetings, after awhile it does get tedious and wanted something that wouldn’t make my fingers hurt after awhile.  I wanted to find something that I could remove the keyboard if I wanted to.  I also wanted something that I could adjust the screen horizontally and vertically.

After much online research I found the Trent IMP38B Airbender iPad 2 Case.  I have been using it for a couple weeks and have really enjoyed it.  Not only can I use the screen horizontally and vertically, I can adjust the iPad in 3 different positions.

Now who’s joining me at MTNA Conference next week?


  1. Sheryl Welles

    Hi there! You’ve given me food for thought with this keyboard as I was planning to bring my ipad as well! Which is to say…I will be at the conference as well and would love to meet up!

    • Jeff Wille

      Hi Sheryl,

      We haven’t met. I saw on your website that you offer beginning guitar lessons and group music education classes. I would love to chat with you about those at the conference if it’s possible to meet. Can’t wait to fill my brain with so much good information!

  2. foxxpianostudio

    Great Sheryl! So glad to hear you are going to conference! I would love to meet up!

  3. Jeff Wille

    I’ll be there too. I have to admit that I didn’t even consider taking notes on my ipad. Great suggestion for a keyboard Jennifer!

  4. Joy Morin

    I’ll see you there! 🙂


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