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I’m excited to announce a new product that I hope will be a big benefit for teachers that have a piano lab in their studio.  This project was a lot more work than I anticipated but it is now ready just in time for the new school year.

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The reproducible Piano Lab workbook includes instruction pages for over 20 computer programs:

Alfred Interactive Musician     Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory     Alfred Theory Games     Beethoven’s Baseball     Ear Training Expedition     Ear Training Coach     Garageband      Home Concert Extreme      Jumpstart Music      MidiSaurus     MusicLearningCommunity     Music Ace     Music Emozitron     Musition      Nutcracker     Piano Ace     PBJ     PianoHead     Piano Is Fun     PianoMouse Goes to Preschool      Piano Mouse Meets the Great Composers     PianoMouse Music Theory Fundamentals     Super Dooper Music Looper     Piano Wizard

It is over 40 pages and includes progress logs for students to keep track of their progress and/or scores for over a dozen programs that don’t already save their progress on the hard drive.  It also includes a section to add any worksheets you might have them use during their lab time.

If you want to save on ink and paper per student, you can take the file and easily create a separate instruction workbook that stays in the studio at the computer and a lab workbook for students to keep track of progress and written assignments.  I personally have a cubby hole for each of my students so that is where their lab workbook will be each week.

Click here to view sample pages: Piano Lab Worksheet Sample Pages.

$25.00 (Reproducible- Unlimited copies for your students)


*You will receive your download link within 24 hours of purchase.  Please be sure I have your correct email address.  Thank you!


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