Every year the subject comes up to what to give students for Christmas. 

Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts.  I like to keep my budget around $1-2 per student.  More times than not I’ve been really lucky in finding gifts at the Dollar Tree.  If possible I like to give gifts that go along with the Christmas Camp theme that I am teaching that year.

Christmas or Music themed ornaments (I gave Nutcracker ornaments the years I did the Nutcracker Christmas Camp)

Music CD (This worked well when I did another camp focusing on different Composers)

Have students record their own CD (I actually do this as a summer project with students) and give them their final product.

Sheet Music

Photo Frames with a picture of them at the piano.  I have a friend who is super crafty and has made some piano frames that work nice.  You can see them and a lot more ideas on her blog: 

The Sewer, The Caker, The Copy Cat Maker

You can also decoupage sheet music to picture frames.  Easy and looks great!

Music composition book (great especially if your focus is composition for that year!)

Music themed Cookie Cutters- I bought mine at: Foose Cookie Cutters  I wrapped them in cellaphane and filled them with M&M’s.

This year my theme is Magic of Music.  So when I found these at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago I was thrilled! 

Tell me… what have you given to students for Christmas?