Even though it is still hitting 100 degrees here in AZ (I heard it is supposed to ‘cool’ down to the 90’s next week), I’m totally ready to start decorating for Halloween. Maybe it’s because I’ve been creating some fun Halloween games and can’t wait to play them with my students! I thought I would share some of my students favorite Halloween games.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.01.23 AMWitches’ Brew- A Halloween Composition Game is an interactive composition game where students will roll a dice and spin a letter to determine the rhythm they should use for their Halloween composition. It’s a great way to review note placement on the staff (stems going up/down), time signatures, rhythm, measures… all while creating a fun piece they can call their own!


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.49.54 AMTrick or Treat is a brand new game I added to my store. It is a halloween themed game in “hot potato” style. Students will be earning treats or doing musical tricks in this fun group game!


Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 11.50.36 AMBoo! (A Rhythm Bump It Game). Students will have fun “boo-ing” other players off the board with this Halloween themed rhythm game. Players will roll a dice and find the matching rhythm values to the number rolled. The goal is to “boo!” the other players off the board and be the last ghost standing. Can be played in a small group or between student and teacher.

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  1. Noreen

    All three games look great! 1st choice-Boo!, 2nd choice-Trick or Treat, 3rd. choice-Witches’ Brew

  2. Tina Jones

    What a TREAT! I love them all. I think I would have a hauntingly good time playing “Boo” with my 2nd or 3rd graders to reinforce note value. That also would be an awesome game I could leave for a sub plan since it is so beautifully (boooo-tifully?) clearly laid out! p.s. Great blog, btw! 🙂 Thank you for this fun opportunity to win a musical “treat!” “Sing-“cerely, Tina Jones

  3. Jennifer-Anne Creekmore

    My First choice would be BOO! They all look great though. I would use it to work with rhythm with a student who is needs extra reinforcement in that area. 🙂

  4. Nancy Otto

    These all look great but I would love to win the BOO game! Thanks so much for having this giveaway!!

  5. Marion

    I would love to win one of these games. My students get so excited about Hallowe’en and these games would keep their thoughts on music ideas rather than just costumes and treats.

  6. Lori

    I would like to win “Boo!” I think my beginners would have a great time with this at our first party of the year in October.

  7. Anna Mathews Fagan

    I purchased “Witches Brew” a few days ago, but would love to have one of the others! I’ll be holding Group Lessons the week prior to Halloween, so this would be great fun for that!

  8. Rebecca

    Everything looks great but I would especially like to win the Halloween composition game because that’s a yearlong focus for my whole studio this year.

  9. Leigh

    I would love to win all of them! They look fun to use in my October group lesson coming up.

  10. rhondasmusicnotes

    They all look wonderful, but I would love Witch’s Brew and incorporate composition into my piano studio. My students would love it!

  11. Rebecca Bluemel

    I would like Boo! I have beginning students and rhythm/note values always need to be reviewed in fun ways!

  12. Beeth

    I would love to win “Trick or treat”for my Halloween group lesson. My students would love it!

  13. leiaslessons

    Ooh, enter me please! I already follow your TPT store.
    While all the games look great, I think Boo would be a fab one to win. I am having a halloween piano party (and btw, the weather is finally cooling down here in New Delhi and it’s wonderful!) for ages 4-12, and this game looks like it would work well with a mix of ranges and age groups.

  14. Loraine

    I would like to win ” trick or treat”. it is a fun way to review musical concepts and students get treats too

  15. Carolyn

    I would love to use “Trick or Treat” mostly because I like treats! 🙂 Thanks for all your great work!

  16. donna

    Trick or Treat looks great for my students! Hope I win!

  17. ahjacobahjacob

    I would love the trick or treat game. Looks like fun!

  18. akbentz

    You’re making me choose just one?? 🙂 Witches’ Brew would be my first choice just because we are using Teach Piano Today’s composing curriculum right now and it would complement our composing activities very nicely. All three look great!

  19. Jeannie

    Think Witch’s Brew

  20. Margo

    I think the Ghost game looks like something I can use with Pre-K

  21. Carla

    I believe that Witch’s Brew would work best in my studio.

  22. Amy Sadler

    I would love any of these games. I have a Halloween group lesson coming up and any one of these would be a fun addition.

  23. Claire Westlake

    I like all of them!!! Besides group lessons, waiting siblings could play the “Boo Game” with each other to reinforce their rhythm recognition. You are so creative Jennifer!

  24. Barbara Githens

    I never realized what a goldmine Halloween was with piano games. Thanks for being a contributor! I’m slowing getting with the games in lessons idea and its a nice break away from the bench for both me and my students. I like all of them! You really covered a big range of review.

  25. Brad

    Think I would like Trick or Treat

  26. Walter

    Hope I win Witches Brew

  27. Karen T

    Any would be great. Would like to try Boo.

  28. Teresa

    All the games looks like so much fun! Probably prefer Witch’s Brew

  29. Suzanne

    Fun! Sometimes I think my students live for games.:)

  30. Lavinia Livingston

    Wow! I love all these games and all of them would really turn on my students to some excitement about piano lessons. So it is really hard to choose one. Perhaps Witches Brew, since I am trying to focus on improvizing skills this term.

  31. Rhoda

    If I don’t win — you are going to get a trick!

  32. Kimberly Engel

    All the games look wonderful, but I think the Trick or Treat game would be especially fun at my next Piano Master Class when all my students get together!

  33. Lynelle Vogel

    Trick or Treat or Boo – all my classes are Group so I like to have many games to choose from.

  34. Saundra

    The new game looks really fun! You are so creative. Kids always love a game with a treat. The Boo game would be fun too to use with a student and teacher. Thanks!


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