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Daniel McFarlane of Supersonics Piano just found out that the link to his newsletter on his website was broken this last week. So to make it up, he is extending the 15% discount. Use code: superfps when you make your order. The code is now good until next Friday, August 1st.

If you go to the website and scroll down to the footer of the page, you will see that you can sign up for the newsletter updates. (It should work now- if you have any problems, please let us know). When you do, you can receive free samples of music to try out. New releases are always discounted by 15% for the first 3 days after their release so it is worthwhile to be notified of updates!

Enjoy the music on  Supersonics Piano! A couple updates to watch out for… The 4th of August is the release date for Piano Maestro. And a new pack of 3 early-intermediate pieces (“Flowing Fantasies”) is available next Tuesday. If you missed the review for Supersonics Piano, you can read it here.


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