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A few days ago I posted about using interactive whiteboard materials in the studio. Janice Tuck with Fun Music Company graciously offered a free download to one of the games I used in my summer theory workshop called Rhythm Clock.

You can see the video, download the materials and file to Rhythm Clock by clicking here. Remember even if you don’t have an interactive whiteboard you can still use this in your studio either by printing the materials or by using powerpoint.

My students enjoyed this game and would take turns pointing to the “time’s” on the clock for us all to clap. Enjoy!


  1. Patricia Bennet

    Thank you for not publishing my information.
    I’m looking forward to fun, educational activities that I can use with my middle school students.

  2. Milton Henry

    I am looking for lessons to use with my grade 1, 2 & 3 kids. I was not formally trained in music. Thanks for any help.

    • Jennifer Foxx

      Hi Milton, I would highly recommend looking at the Piano Program Music Theory. These are theory lessons totally done for you. Students can watch the videos and fill out the theory worksheets. And then you can see what they are understanding or not understanding. I love it. Here is the link to check that out:

      Also, if you want to browse my resource store, I have lots of games and activities that you can use to supplement your lessons with. Just click the store link up at the top. Hope that helps!


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