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I have to laugh… I wrote this post yesterday (Tuesday) but was thinking it was Monday so I held it for today. And I just realized as I’m getting ready to publish it that it is actually Wednesday!  My brain is a day behind… Gotta love it! So here is your “belated” Tech Tuesday…

Last week was my birthday. For my birthday I asked my husband for a pedal for my iPad. At first he didn’t want to get it because he didn’t want to buy something “for my students” for my birthday. But I assured him that this is not for my students and I really really wanted it. I knew about the pedals from Air Turn, but then found out from a friend, that there was another one called the PageFlip that was also compatible with the iPad. The price was a lot cheaper so that is the one I put on my wish list.

Can I just say how much I love my PageFlip pedal! I am currently learning Jared Radnich’s arrangement of Pirates of the Caribbean via the ForScore app on iTunes. As you may or may not know this piece is fast. I have been practicing this piece on my iPad and when I quickly turn a page sometimes it will turn then immediately turn backwards. I would get so frustrated when it would happen because I would have to quickly mess with it getting back to the next page and before you know it I have to pause to get back on track. So frustrating as I’m sure you can imagine and maybe even experienced yourself.

But now with my new PageFlip pedal I don’t have this problem. I just push the right pedal to go forwards and the left if I want to go backwards. It’s absolutely perfect!

I tested the pedal on other music reader apps that I had, and the pedal worked with all of them. I would highly recommend the PageFlip pedal!


  1. annafagan

    I just posted about this on Facebook! I’m trying to decide between the AirTurn and the Cicada …

  2. 88pianokeys

    Ahh…thanks for the tip. I was looking to purchase AirTurn not knowing there was another one to consider.


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