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This last weekend I was able to attend sessions from the conference online. is a must watch online conference.

Why? Well here is just a few reasons…

  1. It is jam-packed with wonderful presentations
  2. You have at least a year to watch all the sessions
  3. You can watch them over and over again
  4. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home.

I thought I would give a brief recap of some of the sessions I was able to tune in live for…

Friday, February 1st-

Working with Adults: Facilitating Music-Making Throughout the Lifespan by Dr. Pamela Pike

You can tell in this presentation that Pamela not only has a lot of experience teaching adults, but she really loves this demographic.

She shared a handful of qualities of what makes a good teacher for an adult. Patience and understanding, of course, is a couple of top qualities. Though we know we really need patience for teaching in general, I think it takes a different kind of patience for adults. One thing that I have really learned from teaching adults is you must be in tune with their goals (and help adapt those goals as necessary). Most of the adults that I have taught are in lessons purely for the fun of it. It’s important to remember that in this stage of their life (regardless of how old they are), they are there because THEY want to learn. Another big thing is to understand their challenges and I appreciated Pamela going through what some of those challenges may entail and how it’s important to be flexible.


Click It to Stick It by Charlene Jarvis and Tanya Love

This was a very interesting presentation that took the idea of using clickers common with dog and dolphin training, with our students. Years ago I had attended a presentation by Hillary Weeks, one of my favorite Christian vocalist, and she took the same clicker idea to create a habit of positivity. I never thought of taking it one step further in using the idea of a clicker to help students create more mindful repetitions.

In this presentation, you will see video examples of how Charlene and Tanya did just that with their students. I already have a clicker, so now it’s time to give it a try!

*affiliate link shared

Gifted and Talented are Dangerous Words by Samantha Coates

This presentation was a lot of food for thought. So much so that it even came up in a discussion with my husband over the dinner table. Environmental factors have a huge impact on whether a student is going to be gifted and talented. Music is a skill. What do we do with that skill? Is genetically blessed necessarily a good thing or can it be annoying? In this presentation, you will learn why effort counts twice.


Saturday, February 2nd-

Creative Marketing for Independent Teachers by Angela Marshall and Davis Dorrough

Marketing is always a subject that can help us all. Angela and David shared their insights on what they have done that worked (or maybe didn’t work) to grow their studio to 60 students in just 6 months. One tip that really stood out to me was when you are looking at a location for your studio, look up and scout out at the community that is around you or where you want to move to! Now, why didn’t I think of that before?

Helping Students Develop the Courage to Command the Stage by Dr. Thomas Lanners

Don’t we all want our students to be able to be confident on stage? Commanding the stage is a vital skill yet many students do not have this skill. Thomas goes through some basic tactics to help our students increase confidence when they perform. One of my favorite tips that Thomas shared was on breathing. He suggested having students breath before and after a performance. It helps center, reduces anxiety and helps focus.


Kazoos and Emojis by Lynnette Barney

When did you first learn about modes? Lynnette asked this question towards the beginning of her presentation and 99% of the answers were college. Why wait until college to teach modes to students? How can we make them more inviting to learn? With Kazoos and Emojis of course! This allows students to experience them and when they experience them, they remember them. This out of the box presentation is one to watch. Now to buy a kazoo… (Here are the kazoos Lynnette recommends because you can stick them in the dishwasher and use them over and over!)


Efficient Business Practices by Angela Marshall and Davis Dorrough

How efficient is your business? Do you want to become more efficient? In this session, Angela and Davis are back to share their tips for running a business efficiently. What are you spending a lot of time on that you don’t need to? What tasks are you doing that isn’t productive? A couple of things to think about when considering your to-do list.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, meaning until we go through some mindset shifts, things are not going to change. Angela and David share several ideas of some of those mindset shifts that will need to be addressed so you can move forward in efficiency. The best thing to remember is that it is a process, one step at a time!



Believe it or not, this was just a very small sampling of what you can find inside While I wasn’t able to attend all the live sessions live, it’s nice to know that I can go back and catch the replays. If you missed the conference, and want to catch those replays as well, it’s not too late! Save $20 when you use the code: REPLAY19 when purchasing the replay pass. Don’t wait too long though, the code expires February 13th.


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