Feature Friday: Music Lab Task Cards

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Music Lab Task Cards

I wanted to begin with the music lab task cards for 3 reasons!

1) They literally changed my studio this year! Students are focused, engaged and most importantly, lab is purposeful!

2) Summer is the perfect time of year to purchase them so you can take the time and get your lab all ready for fall.

3) I am giving you an early heads up that I will be raising the price on them July 1st so if you have been thinking about it for awhile, now is the perfect time to invest.

What are Music Lab Task Cards? 

Simply put, music lab task cards is a tool to keep students focused, engaged and on task during their music lab time. Whether you want students working on the iPad/Tablet, computer, using a printable game, creating something fun on the keyboard or writing on a worksheet, these task cards make prep time a snap!

I highly recommend you visit 3 places to find out more:

1) Music Lab Task Cards Q & A– Where you will get answers to most if not all you questions about the task cards including some videos.

2) To the MusicEducatorResources store where you can read a little more about the task cards and see some previews. (Tip: Previews in the individual task card sets can be better seen)

3) Music Lab Task Cards UPDATE– Read an updated post using the task cards after the first semester.

What Other Teachers Are Saying

“I purchased this bundle of music task lab cards in August and have been using them weekly with a variety of ages for three months now. They have been a huge success! A few of my favorite perks: this keeps a variety of resources from being forgotten by me, it greatly lowers my monthly and weekly prep time for labs, and the students have been loving the activities! Things run much more smoothly when I feel organized…and this resource has taken a load of stress off of me when it comes to lab-time planning and organization!!” Valerie

“…I have seen a significant increase in the amount of student engagement … even though I may be working with another student at the time & they are doing this independently.  I am also beginning to see a higher level of metacognition from my students as they think through what they have done in the app (one of the big reasons I purchased the bundle in the first place.” Rosemarie

In addition to the video, here are some preview samples from the rhythm set… (for previews of each set, visit the store)


Don’t worry if you don’t have a particular app or program. These cards are not meant for you to go purchase everything that is on the cards. Just start with the cards you can use right now and then if you want to add more later you can!

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