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Yesterday Just Ask Jennifer! went live via Facebook Live! Just Ask Jennifer is a new advice column catered towards independent music teachers. I welcome questions asking for advice, opinions and such that is related to your studio or teaching. Just Ask Jennifer is scheduled to go live the 2nd Friday of each month with the possibility of more often if questions are in high demand. Just Ask Jennifer isn’t a place to ask “fact” type questions that one can just google for. Think of it kind of like a “Dear Abby” but for music teachers.

Just a little re-cap of what I talked about:

  • I gave an exciting tip for a freebie you will want to check out!
  • I answered 3 questions. 2 were planned for this particular episode but there was a request for 1 more so I happily obliged.
  • The questions were:
    • To keep germs at bay, I ask all students to use hand sanitizer in the studio before their lesson, but how to deal with students who come in coughing and sneezing, with runny noses? Some of these students (especially the younger ones), wipe their runny nose all over their hands and cannot keep their fingers out of their noses! Do I stop the lesson multiple times and have them blow their nose and re-sanitize?”
    •  “I’ve decided to teach summer camps. Is one hour a long enough camp to hold each day?
    • How do you do it all!!?

If you missed Just Ask Jennifer yesterday, it’s not too late to view! Just click here.

So now that I have officially experienced Facebook Live I thought I would share what I really  like about it. 

  1. It’s Live! Though it does make me a little nervous, I love having the live feature because it makes it more personal. While you are watching, you can type in the comments and I will get immediate feedback. One thing I noticed is I need to make sure that doesn’t distract me from finishing my thoughts. I will work on that for next time.
  2. It’s always available on my Facebook page. I love how handy it is, that it is available right on the Facebook page. I can pin it to the top for a while so it’s easily accessible.
  3. Because it stays on my Facebook page, the comment thread can continue. So those who are watching later can still put in their .02. I may have an opinion, some advice and tips to share, but I know all of you have some great stuff to share too! So this is a great platform to do just that!
  4. There is no extra app you have to install or platform you have to go to. Many of us are already on Facebook so it is super convenient!
  5. You can subscribe to Live! Did you know that there is a link in the top right corner of the video that will give you a notification the next time I go live? Yep! If you missed that earlier, it’s not to late. Just go to the post and when you hover over the video you will see the words “Live Notifications” show up. Just click on it and you will be notified the next time I go live!

For those who did watch (live or replay), I would love to hear how you liked it! You can leave it in the Facebook comment thread directly or in the comments below. Hope to hear from you. And remember if you have a burning question to ask…



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