ASMTA Conference 2015: Teaching the Mobile Generation with Today’s Hottest Apps

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IMG_5248A few weeks ago at the beautiful WigWam Resort, ASMTA (AZ) had their state conference. I will be posting over the next few weeks on some of the classes I was able to attend. I was excited when I saw that Leila Viss would be coming to present for ASMTA. She had to leave just as quickly as she came to get back for her son’s HS graduation but it was nice seeing her. Leila did back to back presentations. Her first presentation was on “Teaching the Mobile Generation with Today’s Hottest Apps”

Leila began by getting everyone involved (and a way to earn some chocolate- which is always a great thing) and did a round robin style game with Note Squish. Note Squish is a fun app similar to the old “wack-a-mole” you used to see in arcades. After getting the correct answer you got to take a piece of chocolate. IMG_7070Now keeping the candy in mind we used those candy words “Hersey”, “Butterfingers” etc… creating some fun candy rhythms.IMG_7075Then she had a teacher come up and notate a rhythm we were clapping using a whiteboard app. (Check out this post by Leila on how this all played out.)IMG_7076One of Leila’s favorite apps is iReal ProThere are so many uses with this app but she showed how we can have students start with a one note improv starting with one note, then adding more. Speaking of notes, Leila shared “A nickels worth of notes (pentatonic scale) is worth it’s weight in gold.”

The mobile generation are either digital natives or digital immigrants. (Natives are born in the digital generation) You can read more about the two differences here.

Then she goes in and talks briefly about Generation C (also known as the “YouTube” generation) and also what she has coined as “Generation “R” (this generation tends to be older and not as experienced with technology).

Generation C: 

  • More choice
  • Less commitment
  • Like to be connected
  • Cyberspace Community
  • Curators

“Generation R”:

  • Resistant
  • Revolting
  • Resigned
  • Reconsidering
  • Revolutionize
  • Wants to become Relevant
  • Relational
  • Always Remember: We are not teaching music, a method, etc… we are teaching a human being.
  • Gamification= Solidification

She concludes by sharing 3 tips when it comes to using the iPad….

  • Tip #1- Get to know your iPad
  • Tip #2- Make time to use your iPad (Music tech time during lessons is great for this!)
  • Tip #3- Secure apps and get to know them.

I would encourage you to visit Leila’s blog, where you will be able to read about other apps that she recommends for teachers. Stay tuned as the next post is also a presentation by Leila!

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  1. 88pianokeys

    Thanks for the kind words and sharing your notes, Jennifer! I believe these are the notes for the Mobile Generation session instead of Apps for Creativity. No biggie–still cool you included your notes in your blog.

    • FPSResources

      Ha! Ha! Yep, I’ll just change the title! 😉 Thanks for a great presentation.


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