Tech Tuesday: The Piano Bench Magazine Anniversary Celebration!

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This month marks The Piano Bench Magazine 1 year Anniversary! Congratulations to Karen Gibson for all her hard work in making this magazine happen. Piano Bench is available on your iPad. It is full of practical teaching tips and ideas for the average student in your studio. The layout is clean, colorful and very easy to read. Each month you can look forward to helpful articles that will motivate and inspire you and your students. In addition to the articles, you will find a monthly recipe, reviews on apps and music and relevant resources. A new feature that you can look forward to in the magazine is “Notes with Nick” where you can ask Nick Ambrosino, author of Coffee with Ray, a question to answer.

This month I have two articles included in this anniversary issue. One is on my Halloween Festival I do every year and the other one is on Christmas camps and why I even started them. Be sure to check them out along with the other great articles and tips!

UPDATE- The Piano Bench Magazine is now the Top Music Magazine!


  1. Loraine

    I did all of the above

  2. Beth Yantz

    I did all of the above already. Thank you for making us aware of this milestone date, too!

  3. Leigh

    This is the first I’ve heard of this magazine. I hope I’ve “followed” on the tpt page, if not tell me how to fix that step. I would love to win and discover this magazine and it’s information! Is the deadline October 11 instead of September 11th as listed?

    • foxxpianostudio

      Oops! I better change the deadline month! Thanks for the heads up. Yes, it’s October! Thanks! And as long as you clicked the follow me button on my TpT page you are good to go. Thanks Leigh! 🙂

  4. Angela

    I did all of the above. I would love to have a subscription to this magazine. It would be great information & very helpful to my studio.

  5. Rebecca

    I had done all of those things already! This magazine looks great and I would love to read it.


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