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Music Teacher Store

I’m excited to do a review series for Music Teacher Store. Music Teacher Store is an online store that features music products made from other music teachers. Currently there are 13 authors on the site. In 2012, while attending a music teachers conference, several of the vendors were talking about how they can create a better way to share their products with more music teachers. was then born. Created and owned by teachers, Music Teacher Store  is a helpful place to find quality teaching materials.

Today, I would like to review a product called Music Theory Wrap Ups.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.12.00 AMStudents love wrap ups! Several of them have seen them before in their school classrooms for math, vocabulary etc… so when they saw the music set they knew exactly what to do. The music theory set includes: Keys & Notes, Signs and Symbols, Rhythm & Vocabulary and Intervals & Chords. They are available individually or as a bundled set. This is a great video showing wrap ups in action (the video is using a different wrap then the music theory wraps)

Here are some ideas how you can use wrap ups in the studio:
-Students can easily use these while waiting for their lesson.
-A way to test a student to see if they understand what they are learning.
-Students can time themselves and see how fast they can wrap up.
-Make it a contest and see who can wrap up in the fastest time.





Have you used wrap ups in your studio? What fun things have you done with them?


  1. Garland

    I have them, wonderful alternative to flashcards! My 2 year old loves them too, but obviously doesn’t get the same results 😉

  2. kristinsmusicstudio

    Reblogged this on Small Town Music Lessons and commented:
    My students love using music theory wrap-ups. I need to pull those out again – have been in a box for a long time. Thanks for the great reminder! 🙂

  3. mrsdsmusic

    I grew up on wrap-ups, doing them during my sibling’s lesson. I liked how easy it was to see if I got them right. I should get them for my students.


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