A couple weeks ago, we kicked off the new school year! When students walked in, I gave them their Getting to Know You sheet to fill out for the year.




Then students shared their practice prop projects they worked on over the summer. (Students make a project that represents their practicing. This can be minute based, goal based or piece based). Here are a few. If you want to see more with more details, then visit my studio blog. I’ll be posting them in the next day or two…





IMG_2961I then introduced our new theme and program- REACH BEYOND THE STARS





This year I want students to play A LOT of music so they each received a music binder. I had them decorate their binder. These binders will be filling up with lots of fun music from…

Higgledy Piggledy Jazz

Jerald Simon

Piano Morning

Piano Pronto

Supersonics Piano

Teach Piano Today-Piano Book Club

Will Bailey Piano Tunes

Isn’t this an awesome line up?




Then if we had a little time at the end we played this fun space jokes game




I just have to say, this year is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!


  1. Mary-Helen S. Foxx

    You are AMAZING! You put so much more into piano lessons than anyone I’ve ever known!

  2. Saundra

    What a fun incentive program. I’m sure your students are enjoying it!!! How do you fit in the music you list from the various composers? What are the age group you primarily teach?

    • foxxpianostudio

      Hi Saundra, right now I have students ranging from preschool-12th grade. It’s really half and half. I have about 50% in the preschool-5th grade category and 50% in the 6-12th grade category. As far as the supplemental music, I just add it in like any supplemental music. They usually get anywhere from 2-3 new supplemental pieces a month depending on how fast they learn them.

      • Saundra

        Jennifer, up to what age do you use this incentive program? Primarily in the younger grades?

  3. foxxpianostudio

    Hi Saundra, I have a little over 30 students. Half of them are Kindergarten-5th grade, the other half of them are 6th-12th. All my students participate. My HS students have been with me long enough that they really look forward to the new programs each year. Matter of fact, I asked my senior student her opinion on which program I should go with this year (I gave her a couple options) and she chose this one. So to answer your question I use it up to my seniors in HS. 😉

    • foxxpianostudio

      I suppose you can have some of your HS students to opt out if they want, but what fun is that? 😉

  4. Saundra

    Unfortunately it seems that when they reach age 14 they just opt out on their own. They are busy and just don’t want to show accountability! That’s great that your high schoolers participate.


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